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Steeped Coffee Is Brewing a Sustainable Coffee Revolution

In a world where convenience often trumps quality, Steeped Coffee is making waves with its revolutionary Steeped Brewing Method. Conceived by Josh Wilbur, the idea behind Steeped Coffee originated from the notion that premium coffee should be accessible to all, irrespective of geographical location. The patented brewing method, akin to tea preparation, has redefined the coffee experience—merging rich flavors with the simplicity of single-serve brewing, all within fully compostable packaging.

Recent collaborations with award-winning roasters BLK & BOLD and Mr. Espresso have elevated Steeped Coffee's offerings, bringing popular blends to single-serve coffee enthusiasts nationwide. In an exclusive interview with Evan, the Executive VP of Sales at Steeped Coffee, he shed light on the brand's vision to not only establish itself but to become a licensing opportunity for the entire coffee industry, encouraging eco-friendly brewing practices.

Sustainability is at the core of Steeped Coffee's ethos, reflected in its compostable packaging made of film, box, and paper—void of plastic, glue, or staples. Evan emphasized the importance of creating a product that is both comfortable and non-GMO, using plant-based materials to enhance flavor and uphold environmental responsibility.

Q&A with Evan, Executive VP of Sales at Steeped Coffee:

Q: Can you tell me about the idea and story behind Steeped Coffee—when was it invented, by whom, and how did it evolve into a product line?

Josh Wilbur created Steeped Coffee to make premium global coffee accessible. The patented method involves full immersion brewing, treating coffee more like tea. We aimed to eliminate waste associated with traditional single-service coffee, using environmentally-friendly materials and avoiding instant or freeze-dried processes.

Q: What was the importance of partnering with other brands in the coffee space, such as Mr. Espresso and BLK & Bold?

We aspire for all coffee brands to adopt our Steeped Brew Method. Partnerships with brands like Mr. Espresso and BLK & Bold are steps toward making our bags ubiquitous in hospitality settings, offices, and homes where hot water is available.

Q: Does Steeped Coffee see itself more as a standalone brand or as a licensing opportunity for other coffee brands to adopt the Steeped Brewing Method?

It's a bit of both. While we are a brewer and licensed, similar to Keurig's pod model, we focus on the steeped brew bag, aiming to create a new category within the coffee industry.

Q: Can you tell us more about the packaging and why being comfortable and non-GMO was so important?

Our film, box, and paper packaging are entirely compostable, devoid of single-use plastics, glue, or staples. The emphasis on being comfortable and non-GMO aligns with our commitment to creating a product made from plant-based materials.

Q: With a variety of products and flavors, what have customers said about the flavors, and which ones do you recommend for someone who has never tried Steeped Coffee?

Customer feedback varies—some love the quality, some the convenience, and others the reduction in single-use plastics. For newcomers, I recommend starting with "The Lineup," a best-selling variety pack featuring our signature light, medium, dark, and French roasts.

As the holiday season approaches, consider Steeped Coffee not just as a gift but as a delightful journey into the world of craft coffee—a brand that seamlessly blends convenience, quality, and sustainability in every cup. For those seeking a coffee revolution, Steeped Coffee beckons—a fresh, flavorful cup with every steep. Visit to embark on your coffee revolution.


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