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  • DJ Beachball Makes Music for Your Health

    DJ Beachball is putting an empowering twist on live music events. A typical DJ dance party can be found in a dark night club within a busy city, however DJ Beachball is performing at events where you’ll find yourself dancing out in nature during a sunrise or sunset. He wants to empower wellness and an epic DJ’d dance party. The night club feeling of fun and excitement are still present however the club lights are replaced with a beautiful sunset and an unforgettable view from the top of the mountain. DJ Beachball uses the power of music, dance, and community to empower people; with a large inspiration from the emergence of Dance Therapy. DJ Beachball uses both music and dance to create breakthroughs and therapeutic effects. He says “It’s not uncommon for people to attend a DJ Beachball event and cry tears of joy, or leave the event saying that it had changed their life. The format and design of the events are meant to be liberating and empowering: using the science of dance therapy.” DJ Beachball’s live music wellness events were inspired from his profound experience of Meditation.

  • Rapper Tarek al Basha Will Soon Release his New Music Video

    Tarek al Basha is currently working on his new music video. Tarek’s music videos made his popularity bigger with the high number of views they were getting. Tarek al Basha was born in Germany and he evolved in different styles such as dancehall, soca, rap, and more. Mix after mix, sound after sound, Tarek al Basha pushed more and more by a greater number of fans adhering to his universe, this is how he built this name. Immersed very early in the many songs that benefit the Caribbean, which is a cultural crossroads, this is how Tarek naturally took a liking to music and started mixing at the age of 20. From 2014, he began to officiate as a DJ in several nightclubs in Germany in which he left his mark by making the crowd jubilant on hits remixed by him. In 2017, he got verified on Spotify and released his songs. His 2nd single accumulated more than 3,000,000 views. Young, versatile, but above all persevering in his passion, Tarek Al Basha transmits his Caribbean vibrations with an increasingly cosmopolitan audience. Don’t miss his previous work!

  • DJ, Rapper, Songwriter, and Producer Lana Scolaro

    DJ, rapper, songwriter, and music producer Lana Scolaro, whom we have seen in the past working as a DJ with Bob Sinclair at Mynt Club, is now releasing her new single Kitty! Lana based in Monaco and Los Angeles, and Diztortion based in Amsterdam and London, merge on a forceful strong bass dance track “Kitty!” which is an inevitable festival starter and big room club opener. The song was produced by Diztortion in Dubai with Lana hitting the vocals to her highest note in the studio. Kitty gives off a seductive aura with the punchy lyrics “no we turn it up in this bedroom” and the movie scene-like clause where someone asks (Hey guys can you turn it down in the bedroom?) The lyrics and bass of the song all the way through are racy and salacious which makes the song unique and captivates the listeners. Lana has DJ’d in renowned venues across the world, from New York, Texas, Las Vegas, and LA to London, Paris, Ibiza, and Mykonos, in addition to performing her own songs in Festivals such as Road to Nowhere Festival in Texas and the Creamfields Festival. Her passion for music began at a young age. She began playing the cello at age 14 and the guitar at age 16. Before becoming a musical artist, Lana spent four months in Ibiza every summer surrounded by some of the world's best electronic music DJs and artists. “They inspired me to consider pursuing a career in music,” says Scolaro. Check out issue 16 of Savoir Faire Magazine to see exclusive images and read the full interview!

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