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    ABOUT ME: Hi, I'm the editor in chief of Savoir Faire magazine and the owner of Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc. I have had a long career in marketing, media, and talent management. I have done work for many clients through my years in these industries and I am more than willing to talk with you about any topics or questions you might have in these fields. THINGS WE CAN TALK ABOUT: - Marketing - Media Industry - Talent Management - Business Management - Starting a Podcast - Social Media Management - Writing - Getting Press - Communication - Confidence Id love to help you so feel free to book your call and lets talk!

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  • Alternative Model Kali Fatal is Putting Everyone Under Her Spell!

    Kali Fatal is a Columbian and Irish model based in Florida. After grinding for the last 2 years as a model she has finally gotten her break and is putting everyone under her spell. This Stunning alternative model in a short time has worked with amazing photographers, is traveling around the country, and landed an exclusive modeling contract with Admired Models based in New York. Her combination of Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, and the ink on her body is the perfect alternative combination for any brand. Not only does she have a great look but her determination, strength, ambition, as well as her unique personality, complete the package. You can work with Kali by contacting Admired Models or following Kali’s journey on Instagram at Kalixnyx. At what age did you realize you wanted to be a part of this industry and what did you do to move towards that goal? It wasn’t until I grew into an adult that I realized that I would like to get into this industry. What were some of your favorite childhood activities or hobbies? Singing, art, poetry, writing, drawing, swimming, and riding my bike. What is your favorite childhood memory? I have so many, that I cannot narrow it down to one favorite memory, but I keep all my childhood memories spent with my little brother, Derek, close to my heart. Who is your biggest supporter and why? My mother was my biggest supporter; however, she passed this past February. I would have to say she still is my biggest supporter just in a unique way. Who is a role model that you admire in your personal life? Why? My mother, Maria. She was the most amazing mother; she always supported me in every way. She was always behind me pushing me to do better and be better. She was not only an amazing human being, but she was stunningly beautiful, and I grew up wanting to be just like her. I wanted to exude the same beauty inside and outside that my mom brought into this world. When you are not working, how do you spend your free time? I spend my free time running, roller skating, or you can find me on the beach somewhere tanning and swimming. What are your thoughts on social media? I like social media however there are times when the negativity gets to me, and I must stop looking at my phone for a while. Does this help or hurt society? I think it’s equal parts of both. What is one of your favorite inspirational quotes? The world will ask who you are, and if you do not know, the world will tell you – Carl Jung Do you have any pets? I have a dog. Her name is Princess, she is a Dogo Argentino. She is amazing. She is intimidating but the biggest lover on the planet. She is very protective and extremely intuitive. I am a sufferer of PTSD and she works to ease the issues experienced. Her loyalty is unmatched and though I rescued her, honestly, she rescued me. What are your five- and 10-year goals? I would like to buy a new home and start a new life closer to the beach and keep advancing my career in the funeral business, modeling, and fitness training. Name three things on your bucket list and tell us why each was selected. 1. Make love on top of a mountain 2. Visit Italy 3. Learn glass blowing What health and beauty tips do you swear by? Taking vitamins and supplements daily, exercising daily, and getting enough sleep. What is the first thing you think of in the morning? Coffee What was your first opportunity within your chosen industry and how did you get selected? I applied many times over the years to get into the funeral business, but the opportunity never presented itself. It is not an easy industry to get into by any means. Then one day I applied through an app for an administrative position. I interviewed and shared with my then/soon-to-be general manager the story of losing my brother 5 years prior to the murder. I explained the want to give back and help families the same way I was helped by the funeral home staff when we had my brother’s funeral. I was destined to be in this industry and to use my pain and grief to help others to cope, overcome, and find some sense of comfort and peace. What has been your favorite assignment so far? Explain. Amazing. I meet so many grieving families every day and I connect with each of them. I have a very purposeful career and I love the hugs I receive, the tears from the families thanking me for all that I do, and just being a vessel for people in need. What is your future goal within the industry? How are you working towards those goals? I plan to stay in the funeral business in an administrative capacity and manage the funeral home and eventually work towards becoming a licensed funeral director or mortician. Have you ever had that, “I made it” moment? What & When was it? Yes. When I first started in this business I wanted to give up. It was so overwhelming and for someone with PTSD, it was very intimidating as well I did not think I would learn all of this and be able to completely understand and be successful at it. After listening to my mom saying, “don’t give up, remember your brother, this is what you wanted”. I stuck it out and about a month or two later I had that moment where I said YES, I made it! I did it! I completely understand and can do this! And I love it! Can you tell us about your least favorite experience so far? How did it change your approach to success? Though I love what I do, I do come into contact with families or individuals who are pretty angry every now and then. They project their anger onto me and can be pretty brutal at times. I think dealing with those types of people tends to bother me a bit still but over time I am learning that ultimately it is not me they are angry with, and I project my energy over theirs to create a more pleasant experience. Tell us about your perfect partner and what qualities they would poses. The perfect partner would be someone who supports my dreams. Someone who provides safety, security, and honesty. I would say an Alpha male with a tender heart for the woman he loves. Someone who can be my backbone when life becomes too heavy. Someone who motivates and encourages me, who allows me to be my true self around them. What Celebrity do you, or have you, had a crush on? I would not say I have a crush on any celebrity. I am fussy as to the type of man I am attracted to. There are celebrities I find attractive such as Tom Hardy, Robert De Niro, and Cory Taylor. I would say the reason is I am attracted to a man with poise, and confidence, a true alpha male. What is the most important relationship advice you have received? Be careful whom you choose to procreate with. What do you think the key to happiness is? Take care of yourself and those you love around you. Being happy with who you are as a whole. Giving back and encouraging others. What is your personal definition of the word CONFIDENCE? Self-assurance and being completely secure and happy with who you are. Was there ever a moment that you doubted your abilities and how did you overcome that? Yes, there have been plenty of times I have doubted myself and I still struggle with it sometimes, but I manage to push through. I try to face my fears and self-doubt head-on because if I do not it will debilitate me. Name an opportunity that you missed out on and what was your thought after? I was supposed to be in a bikini model contest at a bike rally. I had never been to one before, so I was entered to compete. When I got there, I realized that it was not for me. I was just about to be called on stage when I made the quick decision to pass on the opportunity as I was not willing to sacrifice my values and who I am to win some random contest. It was a good lesson learned and until this day I am glad I missed that opportunity. Tell us about a moment when your confidence was the key piece to your success. Every day. I deal with grieving families every day; some are angry, and some are sad, and it is important that I always lead with complete confidence as well as compassion. It is essential for me to exude confidence because people depend on me in their times of weakness. If a young girl/boy wanted to break into your industry, what advice would you give them? I would tell them with modeling they need to set boundaries from the time they speak to a photographer and do their homework to check the photographer’s background and portfolio out, safety always comes first. How do you prepare yourself to network with others? What is your thought process, going into those interactions? I do not really prepare to network with people, I do what comes naturally and use my authenticity to lead the way. Do you possess the insight to understand other people’s sincerity? Tell us about a moment when this happened. Well, daily I must gauge people and how to deal with them accurately in my line of work. Being able to read the sincerity of others is something I am naturally good at but also trained to detect. When do you personally feel more confident? When I am dressed up, full makeup, heels, etc. When I feel healthy and look my best, I am my most confident. Do you feel comfortable engaging with a group of people? Do you listen to or lead the conversation? I am more inclined to sit and listen before I interject my opinion or give my thoughts on a particular topic. I am one to read the room before I speak. Quick Questions… What is your favorite drink? water What is the best color to wear? Red or black Who is your style icon? I do not have one What is your most used emoji? Blackheart What sport are you the worst at? Soccer What is your favorite place to visit? The beach What is the best show on Netflix right now? I do not watch much on Netflix, I have Prime. I love paranormal documentaries. Who is your favorite Celebrity? Fairuza Balk What is your favorite flavor of Ice Cream? Ben and Jerry Half Baked Do you have any tattoos? I am covered in tattoos. If you could be any animal, what would it be? Mermaid lol Who is your favorite superhero? Venom (is he a superhero? Lol) What is your dream job? Modeling Are you a morning or night person? I am both. Beach or City? Both Would you ever go to outer space? No What is your biggest addiction? Running. What store do you shop at the most? Target What is your best feature? My eyes Who is your favorite music artist? Prince Who is your favorite cartoon character? Holli Would What are you afraid of? Cockroaches

  • Radmila Lolly Releases A Brand New Remix Of Magic

    Radmila Lolly always fought to be eclectic in her artistic choices. In most circles, she was not always readily accepted. Radmila says: “We are born into labels, so when we don’t meet certain criteria, people are frustrated and have a difficult time understanding an artist or appreciating them. Jack of all trades master of none, as the saying goes. “Radmila doesn’t believe in that saying, because, “if your path or career is geared towards one goal, however, the different elements, it’s the same trade. For example, Radmila is a classical singer and a couture designer. The scientific word for it is synesthesia. It’s still all the same. Colors and sounds. That said our whole world is interconnected.” Whatever your goal is, whatever your passion, you have to go for it. First, it’s a dream, then you plan and write everything down. You create a schedule and a list of tasks, then execute them one by one. Perhaps your path may pivot on your journey, but you will still be on the right path of your dreams and goals. Radmila Lolly’s journey actually expanded on her way to pursuing her music and fashion goals. She is a writer, director, composer, producer, and choreographer. Just an Artist is what she likes to be called. Her upcoming project “DIVA” has all of her artistic talents displayed and hard work is the other prerequisite to achieving her end goal. Radmila is very excited to showcase such an ambitious project with the residency show. In the meantime, Radmila is releasing the “MAGIC” remix by Mike Tee, which will be available on platforms in September letting the summer continue. Don’t miss out. Check out Radmila’s IG for more upcoming projects, when they say NYC never sleeps, well Radmila never sleeps, she is a true renaissance lady. Please tell us more about what you are up to these days and what your fans should be on the lookout for. Well, this month I’m very excited to announce that the MAGIC remix is coming out in September. Producer and DJ Mike Tee remixed the original song. It has a completely different style than the original song. I absolutely love it. A remix is supposed to sound like a remix, not like the same song with a few slight changes. I really hope that you guys will like it. What is your inspiration and where do you get all of this creativity? I get inspired by so many different things. Perhaps, when I see someone’s outfit or when I speak with certain people. Imagination is all around us. I think it’s important to open for an artist to open her mind and accept all the beauty on earth. Our readers always ask us to ask artists we interview - what drives you and what are your fears? Unfortunately, what drives me is the fear of failure. I’m working on it, because failure can mean so many things to different people. Someone’s failure is absolutely winning in life, so it’s all relative. I believe the most important thing is to stay grounded and grateful at all times. What do you enjoy the most about being an artist? The imaginary world is endless and it’s unique to each of us. I love to escape the real world into my own imaginary world. I feel so happy when I’m in a creative environment. You are also very much of a businesswoman, how do you do it all? Well, I think it’s very important in any career that you are very familiar with the ins and outs of your business. Of course, the more successful you become it isn’t possible to know or do everything yourself. However, you will know how to interview and what professional traits you are looking for in a team member. Show Business is called Show Business for a reason. You need to know SHOW and BUSINESS. What are the most disappointing and frustrating elements of being an artist? I love being an artist. In any career choice, you will have supporters and haters. Don’t pay attention to people that don’t believe in you, pay attention to the people that believe in you, that’s who deserves your full focus and attention. The funny thing is the haters will be the first ones to scream and say how they always knew you will succeed, it’s very ironic. Stay focused, and nice. People will appreciate you and your goals. Our last question is what is your beauty routine and what do you do for fun? My morning starts with a face massage, cleanse, mask and sunscreen. I think it’s very important to refresh your skin, so I’ve done lasers, and micro-needling; I’m not a fan of cosmetic injectables so that’s just not for me. For fun, I see my friends for dinners, Miami Heat games, and concerts. I have a great circle of friends, I’m very grateful for them. One of my favorite things is just being with my mother and my cat his name is Dandy. I adopted him a few months ago. Overall, small pleasures are the biggest source of joy.

  • The Plaintiffs' Gambit, Litigation just got more organized.

    Michele Schamberger is the owner of Plaintiff's Gambit. A business she launched over six months ago after years in the law industry. This Irish bombshell was born in Cali but raised in the south giving her a unique upbringing. She currently resides in Pensacola, Florida but travels often for work. We all know that litigation & trial logistics can be time-consuming and at times stressful. However, when Michelle and Plaintiffs' Gambit is secured as a vendor, trial teams can spend their time on case specifics vs logistics, which saves the team money in the long run (as well as stress). After the success of Lawyer shows like the Lincoln Lawyer, we knew we had to get a taste of this industry and we are so glad that Michelle was available to tell us about her and her business. How long have you been in Litigation & Trial Logistics? I have been in the law industry for a long time from contract writing, to paralegal and marketing for lawyers. I have been doing Litigation and Trial Logistics for 19 months and started doing my own business 6 months ago. What are you most well-known for? Vender relations with hotels, restaurants, and local vendors to assist with the logistics for my clients. What is your Instagram Profile? At what age did you realize you wanted to be a part of this industry and what did you do to move towards that goal? In high school, I wanted to get into the army and was one of the first girls to get into the ranger program. I wanted to be a pilot but was restricted because of a sight issue, so when I was college age I started studying business law then. Was there someone in the industry that influenced your choice to be in the law? My father was the reason I joined the law field off his recommendation that my skill set would be highlighted in that industry. What were some of your favorite childhood activities or hobbies? I played concert piano, was very much involved in drama, math, and student government danced, and often played banker at home instead of going out. I loved fashion and designing clothing and later would launch a children's clothing boutique Who is your biggest supporter and why? My husband. He is my #1 cheerleader. and is always staying on point with my eating and sleeping because they know I am a workaholic. My parents are also close to me and have been a big piece of my motivation. Who is a role model that you admire in your personal life? My best friend Wendy is someone I admire. she gives me great criticism and really has become a true friend and someone that I admire as a second mother. When you’re not working, how do you spend your free time? I am very OCD and impulsive so if I am not working I like to work out and keep moving. my free time is my kids all the time. I plan on spending as much time with them as I can. I even take them to work with me when I can. What are your thoughts on social media? Social media is a double edge sword. I think that everything in life is grand because we put out our highlight reels and I think I get inspired at the same time by the things you see. What is one of your favorite inspirational quotes? Your time is limited so waste it living someone elses life. steve jobs Do you have any pets? Yes. We have 40 chickens, 6 ducks, 4 cats, and 3 dogs. We have a great property that we call our mini farm out in the country. What are your five- and 10-year goals? In 6 months I want to expand and partner with other businesses, and hope that in five years we can do it all from start to finish in the litigation process. At the age of 45, I hope to have a company that my children can take over and I can retire. Name three things on your bucket list. I would love to travel and see Europe and Italy Enjoying my kids and watching them going through their milestones What health and beauty tips do you swear by? Plastic Surgery. A good one is a key! I think that gracefully and strategically you can fight the aging process and it's the way I fight it. My hair is professionally blown out in my hair. What is the first thing you think of in the morning? Work! my mind is always going 100 miles a minute. I am the main character in the Gambit show on Netflix, I can lay in bed and see the parts of my day playing out on the ceiling. Can you tell us about your least favorite experience so far? How did it change your approach to success? What is something random about you that most dont know about you? My mom's grandfather was the photographer for sherly temple and John Wayne. I have always admired the older generation of film and tv. I always feel like I was born in the wrong generation. What is your personal definition of the word CONFIDENCE? Confidence is doing it. knowing I have the ability, knowledge, and skills to get what I want when I walk into the room. Tell us about a moment when your confidence was the key piece to your success. I worked for a law firm but when the senior partner passed away I knew it was time to start my own company. I was scared but was able to get the confidence to do it. My first client having faith in me was a great tool to boost my confidence in the industry If a young girl/boy wanted to break into your industry, what advice would you give them? It's all based on relationships and the community is small. What made me excel was always treating people like family. being polite, respectful, and the small things to keep your clients happy. How do you prepare yourself to network with others? Research and learn what firms are working on at that time and what position they have within the system. I go to conferences and educational classes that are part of the law and the legalities so that I can communicate and speak the language. Talking points are the key and building that relationship. ONE WORD WITH…. What is your favorite drink? Iced honey Almond milk flat white from Starbucks What is the best color to wear? Red Who is your style icon? Jacky O What is your most used emoji? Hearts What sport are you the worst at? anything with a ball What is your favorite place to visit? New York What is the best show on Netflix right now? Queens Gambit What is your favorite flavor of Ice Cream? Praline. Vanilla with nuts Do you have any tattoos? Yes. 2 If you could be any animal what would it be? Lama. What is your dream job? I am doing it! Are you a morning or night person? Morning Beach or City? The city for me, Beach for family Would you ever go to outer space? Yes. What is your biggest addiction? coffee What store do you shop at the most? Target What is your best feature? Hair Who is your favorite music artist? Queen Who is your favorite cartoon character? Ariel What are you afraid of? Water

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