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Paris Hilton Debuts a New Cooking Show

Updated: Feb 21

Actress, Disc Jockey, and now cook? Paris Hilton kicked off her brand new Cooking Show "Cooking with Paris" this January, 2020. Diamond, Her tiny black Chihuahua is her sous chef and sports a custom Chanel apron on episode one.

Paris says " My entire life, I just remember sitting on the counter and and watching my mom cook".

On episode one of Paris's new show she dives into her "famous Lasagna" and with a step by step process she walks her audience through the recipe. Paris opens the show with "I'm actually one of the best cooks ever" and after seeing the final product of her first show, we would say she isn't that bad at all.

In the middle of the show Paris takes a small intermission to post on twitter and tell her twitter audience that she is about to cook her "infamous lasagna" and introduces a few hashtags to the world. #CookingwithParis, #ChefParis, #ParisLasagna... oops, skip that last one. Paris asked us not to use it.

The show continues with her preparing multiple cheeses, the pasta and the meat, seasoning it perfectly with "11" twists of a pepper shaker because "11:11 is good luck"

She then layers the lasagna together, covers it with Reynolds Wrap and pops in a preheated over at 350 degrees!

Right before the big reveal in true Paris fashion she pops in a promotional ad for Neuro Trim Because you should "Always stay hydrated." and "basically being healthy and having lasagna all at once"

You can find Cooking with Paris on YouTube with a new episode every Monday and you can let her know what to cook next by using the hashtag #CookingWithParis!

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