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Dale Backus and the Car Power Kit 4 Is Revolutionizing Car Convenience

In a world where our cars are practically an extension of ourselves, the quest for enhancing our driving experience is never-ending. Dale Backus, a seasoned entrepreneur known for his innovative ventures, has now turned his attention to revolutionizing car convenience with the Car Power Kit 4 by ohsnap!

  • From Video Production to Car Accessories

Backus's journey from founding a video production agency to creating SmallHD and eventually transitioning to ohsnap! demonstrates a remarkable evolution in his entrepreneurial endeavors. His background in video production provided him with a deep understanding of technology and design, which proved invaluable in the development of the Car Power Kit 4.

"Growing up as a kid, I was always inventing things and spent a lot of time in the garage," Backus recalls. "I created early video monitors, and my love for inventing and engineering only grew from there."

His experience with SmallHD, a company he co-founded that became a staple on film sets worldwide, further honed his skills in product development and marketing. However, despite the success of SmallHD, Backus felt the urge to pursue new ventures.

"I fell out of love with the industry and wanted to step out and do my own thing," he explains. Thus, ohsnap! was born—a company focused on creating simple, light, and functional phone accessories that catered to modern lifestyles.

  • Challenges and Triumphs

The transition from SmallHD to ohsnap! posed its challenges, as Backus ventured into a new market with different demands and competition. However, his entrepreneurial spirit and determination drove him forward.

"Any business success story involves a little bit of luck and things you can't control," Backus acknowledges. "But we started with a company similar to Pop Sockets and launched it on Kickstarter. That set off a four-year march to learn the product and really dive into it."

One of the key challenges during this transition was staying ahead in a rapidly evolving market. Backus and his team had to continuously innovate and adapt to remain competitive, especially with the introduction of new technologies like MagSafe.

"Mounting things on the back of the phone and perfecting the formula was crucial," Backus explains. "Our party trick is the charger through—2.5 millimeters, works with wireless chargers and cases. Snap 3 was the first product with this tech, and now we're on Snap 4."

  • The Evolution of Car Convenience

The Car Power Kit 4 represents the culmination of Backus's journey as an inventor and entrepreneur. Combining functionality with a sleek design, the Kit offers a combined place to charge your phone and keep it accessible while driving.

"We have better everything on Snap 4," Backus proudly declares. "Different colors of the ring on the phone and digital design you own. A lot of customization is coming later this year."

With the Car Power Kit 4, Backus continues to push the boundaries of convenience and innovation, ensuring that our time spent behind the wheel is as enjoyable and seamless as possible. As we celebrate National Car Care Month, it's clear that the future of car accessories is in good hands with Dale Backus and ohsnap!


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