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Marco DelVecchio: From FBOY Island to Podcast Host & Multifaceted Entertainer

Model, comedian, podcast host, actor, and reality star—Marco DelVecchio wears many hats, and he wears them well. The breakout heartthrob is currently making waves on the hit dating competition show, FBOY ISLAND, where he navigates a love minefield, competing against self-proclaimed "FBoys" to win the heart of a young lady. As the season finale approaches on Friday, December 8th (8 pm ET/PT) on the CW, we caught up with Marco for an exclusive Q&A about his diverse career, experiences on FBOY ISLAND, and his passion for podcasting and charity work.

Q&A with Marco DelVecchio

Balancing Acts: You're involved in a variety of roles, from being a comedian to a podcast host and now a reality star on FBOY ISLAND. How do you balance the different aspects of your career, and what has been the most challenging part of navigating these diverse roles?

Marco DelVecchio: Just be proactive and make my own schedule but be the creator of it. If something is good to me I'll find a way to fit it in. I like to be in charge, maybe that is something I inherited from my father. I like to stack two or three episodes for the podcast. Almost every 2 weeks I do the three. It allows me to have some free time. But we drink on the podcast, and that makes it a little interesting.

Nice Guys vs. FBoys: Given your experiences on FBOY ISLAND, where "Nice Guys" compete against "FBoys" for love, do you think the show reflects real-life dating dynamics? How has your perspective on relationships changed after participating in the show?

Marco DelVecchio: I was going after Katie; they gave me a good edit, it really made me a Nice Guy. It can be influenced by producers, but you're not learning lines; you are just being yourself. I was a nice guy, funny, three sisters. It’s a sarcastic bachelorette, but it was a good time. She is a good friend now, and we still talk a bit; we are in the same comedy circle.

Behind the Scenes: As a host of the SMOOCHIE TOWN podcast, you've had some interesting guests, including Garrett Morosky from FBOY ISLAND. What's one of the most surprising or memorable moments you've experienced during a podcast interview, and how do you prepare for these conversations?

Marco DelVecchio: Until the last drop, it was recorded at a brewery, really the entertainment realm, but we would just come on and talk and have a good time, but I would talk about Smoochie Town. So we just renamed it. It's playful and sexual, and really is a good time, I interview my friends and really just let our guard down and keep it real. I would say the latest issue with Jeff. It was hilarious, and Garrett Morosky. Here and there I’m getting some commercials and I have some more theatrical auditions.

Community Engagement: It's great to see your support for nonprofit work, particularly for Alzheimer's Disease. Can you share more about your connection to this cause and how you believe individuals in the public eye can contribute to raising awareness for important issues?

Marco DelVecchio: Both of my dad’s parents had Alzheimer's, and as a young kid, it was so confusing to see it happen. I devote my time and money to make sure that I can do my part in this. I want to get more involved in social media and bring awareness, and I donate money to charities.

Marco DelVecchio is not just a reality star; he's a multifaceted entertainer who effortlessly juggles various roles in the entertainment industry. From the playful banter on his SMOOCHIE TOWN podcast to the intense competition on FBOY ISLAND, Marco's authenticity shines through. As he continues to make us laugh, think, and swoon, it's clear that Marco DelVecchio is a rising star with a heart as big as his talent. Stay tuned for his next act, because Marco is just getting started.


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