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Alan Ceppos And His Journey from Retail to the Stage

Award-winning actor and entrepreneur Alan Ceppos embodies the adage that dreams can be realized at any stage of life. From his early beginnings on Broadway to his current role in the highly anticipated play "PARTY?" at Theatre For the New City, Ceppos's journey is as diverse as it is inspiring.

Born and raised in Queens, Ceppos discovered his passion for the arts at the age of 8. Despite early setbacks, including being told he couldn't sing, his determination to pursue acting never wavered. His theatrical pursuits continued through his school years, and after a stint in Paris teaching English, Ceppos returned to New York, where he balanced a successful retail business with sporadic acting gigs, including appearances on shows like "Conan O'Brien" and "The David Letterman Show."

In our recent interview with Ceppos, he shared insights into his latest role as 'Felix' in "PARTY?," a comedy by Anne Marilyn Lucas that delves into the complexities of marriage across generations. "There are six of us in the show, all leads in polyamorous generational couples," Ceppos explained. "The play explores how different generations view relationships, with my character's son announcing his decision to leave his wife after 25 years, triggering various reactions from the family," Ceppos emphasized the relevance of the play's themes, particularly in light of societal shifts towards alternative relationship structures, as highlighted in a recent article by The New Yorker.

Working alongside a dedicated ensemble cast, Ceppos praised the professionalism and camaraderie fostered during the production of "PARTY?." Drawing from his extensive experience, including involvement in Broadway productions like "Scottsboro Boys" and "Frankie and Johnny in Clair de Lune," Ceppos highlighted the importance of collaboration in bringing Anne Marilyn Lucas's comedy to life. Reflecting on his transition from producing to acting, Ceppos noted, "I decided to be in front of the camera instead of behind it, learning from the talented individuals around me and embracing a 'new face' mentality."

As "PARTY?" prepares to open its doors to audiences, Alan Ceppos invites theatergoers to experience the laughter and poignancy of this unique exploration of marriage and family dynamics. With his multifaceted career trajectory and unwavering dedication to his craft, Ceppos continues to inspire audiences with his passion for storytelling and commitment to artistic excellence. Don't miss your chance to witness Alan Ceppos in action—grab your tickets to "PARTY?" and join the celebration of love, laughter, and the enduring spirit of the theater.


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