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Lynn & Liana Designs: Transforming Resin and Hardwoods into Functional Art

In the heart of Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada, a family business with a passion for creativity and sustainability has been quietly revolutionizing the world of artisanal home decor. Lynn & Liana Designs, born from a fortuitous encounter with an eco-friendly resin, has rapidly evolved into a thriving enterprise that not only crafts stunning cheese boards and serving trays but also strives to make a positive environmental impact. Let's dive into the story behind this remarkable company.

The Inspiration

Lynn & Liana Designs owes its existence to the discovery of UVPoxy, a remarkable plant-based resin developed by their friends at EcoPoxy. This resin, composed of recycled bioproducts, immediately captured the imagination of the Lynn and Liana team. Its ethereal beauty and eco-conscious pedigree became the driving force behind the inception of a brand that would eventually redefine functional art.

Crafting the Extraordinary

The heart of Lynn & Liana Designs lies in their dedication to handcrafting unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. Every cheese board and serving tray is meticulously poured and crafted to perfection, ensuring that no two items are alike. These creations are more than just kitchen essentials; they are conversation starters and eye-catching additions to any home's decor. It's no wonder they affectionately refer to their products as "functional art."

A Commitment to Sustainability

What sets Lynn & Liana Designs apart is their unwavering commitment to sustainability. Melissa Funk, the CMO and Owner, explains that their mission revolves around taking what was once considered waste and transforming it into something breathtaking. This ethos extends beyond their choice of materials; it's a pledge to nurture and protect the environment.

A significant portion of their sales directly contributes to the reforestation efforts sweeping across North America. By choosing a Lynn & Liana Designs product, customers not only adorn their homes with beauty but also play a part in revitalizing nature.

From Humble Beginnings to National Recognition

The journey of Lynn & Liana Designs began humbly in 2019. What started as a small-scale operation blossomed into a thriving business, even amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. With dedication and determination, they have expanded their operations and now boast a team of 30 employees who share their vision.

This passion and commitment have not gone unnoticed. Lynn & Liana Designs has been featured on esteemed platforms such as Good Morning America, The View, and Forbes Magazine. These accolades are a testament to the unique blend of artistry, sustainability, and innovation that defines their creations.

In an era where environmental consciousness and individuality are highly valued, Lynn & Liana Designs has carved a niche for itself. Their creations are more than products; they are an embodiment of a sustainable and artistic lifestyle. With every purchase, they invite you to be a part of a movement that values nature, craftsmanship, and the beauty of the everyday.

In the words of Melissa Funk, Lynn & Liana's CMO and Owner, "We do what we do because we are passionate about turning the ordinary into the extraordinary and making the world a little greener in the process." Lynn & Liana Designs is not just a brand; it's a testament to the power of creativity, sustainability, and a deep-rooted love for nature.

Be sure to check out their website and explore the many amazing designs.


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