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Ireland Offers $90,000 Grants To Settle On Remote Coastal Islands

Ireland has unveiled an enticing opportunity for individuals seeking a change of scenery. The country has introduced a grant program that provides up to 84,000 euros (approximately $92,000) to those willing to move and settle on one of its 30 remote coastal islands. These islands are not connected to the mainland by bridges or causeways and become isolated daily due to tides. Currently, only around 3,000 people reside on these islands year-round.

The "Our Living Islands" program aims to revitalize these island communities by boosting their population levels. The Irish government intends to improve housing conditions, enhance access to essential services such as healthcare and education, establish high-speed broadband connectivity, and develop outdoor amenities. These initiatives are expected to contribute to increased tourism and support the sustainability of island communities, as stated by Heather Humphreys, the Minister for Rural and Community Development.

Under the program, individuals who choose to inhabit dilapidated properties on the islands, built before 1993 and vacant for at least two years, will receive the full grant of 84,000 euros. The funds must be utilized for refurbishing the designated homes. This initiative marks a significant effort by the government to transform vacant and neglected buildings on the islands into long-term residences. It also builds upon an existing scheme that encourages the restoration of abandoned properties, including those on the mainland.

However, it remains unclear whether individuals without visas to live and work in Ireland are eligible to participate in this offering. The program is set to commence on July 1, creating an exciting opportunity for those seeking a fresh start in Ireland's remote coastal paradises.


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