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Lunatec Is Unleashing Innovation for Adventure-Ready Gear

Lunatec, a trailblazer in innovative outdoor gear, has redefined adventure with their meticulously engineered products designed for maximum versatility. With a commitment to creating BPA-free bottles that seamlessly combine the functionality of a garden hose, kitchen faucet, and water bottle, Lunatec empowers adventurers to keep cool, maintain clean gear, and stay hydrated, all while on the move. Offering the convenience of portable running water, their products provide mist, stream, and shower options to cater to diverse needs.

Versatile Gear for the Adventurous Spirit:

Lunatec prides itself on manufacturing gear that simplifies life, allowing individuals to complicate it with thrilling adventures. The inspiration for their revolutionary products often emerges from personal experiences in the great outdoors. With a focus on maximum functionality and practicality, Lunatec's offerings are tailored to enhance the adventure experience.


The Self-Cleaning Washcloth for Exploration: For a kayaking trip to Glacier Bay, Alaska, the need for a washcloth that dries quickly, keeps you clean, and is easy to maintain led to the creation of Trekr. This self-cleaning washcloth, made from a flat nylon loofa, ensures that adventurers can stay fresh and clean during their expeditions without the hassle of carrying bulky, wet cloths.


The Odor-Free Dishcloth for Campsite Convenience: Inspired by weekend camping trips, Lunatec developed Scrubr, an odor-free dishcloth. Rather than disposing of sponges after car camping, Scrubr dries quickly and stays odor-free in your cook-set, providing a sustainable and convenient solution for keeping kitchen gear clean and ready for the next adventure.


The Hydration Spray Bottle for Efficient Water Usage: During a backpacking trip in Alaska, the inefficiency of using a water bottle solely for drinking became apparent. The need to boil more water for various purposes prompted the creation of Aquabot. This hydration spray bottle adds versatility and efficiency to water usage while backpacking, eliminating the need for additional gear.

Lunatec stands at the forefront of innovation in outdoor gear, offering adventurers a range of meticulously engineered products that simplify and enhance the adventure experience. With a focus on versatility, convenience, and sustainability, Lunatec's BPA-free bottles and self-cleaning washcloths redefine the possibilities of staying clean, hydrated, and organized while on the go. Elevate your outdoor escapades with Lunatec, where innovation meets the spirit of adventure. Explore their range of products at and gear up for the next thrilling journey.


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