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EL NH Releases His Latest Single “Nostalgia”

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Rapper and Songwriter EL NH releases his latest single “Nostalgia” in the US Spotify platform, while also releasing his latest music video “Que lo Toquen”, co-produced by El YucaMx and released through their Mexico City-based production company EME EQUIS MusicFaM.

“This is probably the most scared I’ve ever been before a release”, says EL NH from his studio in Mexico City exclusively to Savoir Faire.

I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone on this one. It’s a type of narrative I’d never worked on before, with a completely different structure in terms of the lyrical process. It was challenging and overwhelming to say the least but it paid off.”

The Mexico City raised rapper has a strong philosophy and perspective in terms of music and genres.

“I believe music is music. Period. In a way labelling music in terms of genres kills the purpose of it properly accessing our emotions. I like where the music industry is heading to. Years back, Rock was labelled as Rock and Hip-Hop was strictly seen with a specific image and style. That’s over. Genres are merging, you see country artists collaborating with rappers and Hollywood pop-stars being featured in Latino hits. I like that. The less you think about genres the more creative you can work with collaborations and styles.”

The main thing EL NH, whose real name is Donovan Valdovinos, strives for is to portray his native Mexico at its best showing the true nature of it culturally and artistically.

Photographer: Javier Soltero

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