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Southern Flavors Unleashed In A Decade of Birdie's Pimento Cheese

Updated: Feb 21

In the heart of Southern Virginia, where the air is infused with the warmth of tradition and the love for comfort food, Birdie's Pimento Cheese has become a household name, celebrating a decade of delivering a curious twist on the classic Southern staple. The story behind Birdie's Pimento Cheese is deeply rooted in the Southern upbringing of its founder, Robin Allen, affectionately known as "Birdie." Raised in the South, Robin developed a love for pimento cheese, a cherished regional treat. Inspired by her fond memories, she embarked on a journey to create a version that would captivate not just Southerners, but taste buds nationwide.

Marking its 10th anniversary, Birdie's Pimento Cheese has grown into a premium cheese spread that is handmade in small batches, ensuring quality and flavor consistency. Robin's commitment to a 'curious twist on tradition' shines through in every tub, offering a delightful fusion of rich and tangy cheddar cheese with delectable flavors. What sets Birdie's Pimento Cheese apart is its commitment to quality. Made in Southern Virginia with whole ingredients and spices, the cheese is hand-shredded to ensure the highest standard for their customers. The flavors, ranging from Cream Cheese + Black Pepper to Garlic Parmesan, Jalapeño, and more, showcase the dedication to crafting a diverse and irresistible selection.

Birdie's Pimento Cheese isn't just a spread; it's a versatile ingredient that elevates your favorite dishes. Whether you're a fan of sandwiches, mac and cheese, hamburgers, hot dogs, bagels, nachos, or more, Birdie's is here to transform your culinary experience. For those who love entertaining, Birdie's Pimento Cheese is the perfect addition to your charcuterie board and crudités, offering a curious twist that will delight your guests.

The journey from a simple tub of pimento cheese to a thriving business is a tale of entrepreneurial spirit and love for the community. Robin and her husband Glenn, affectionately known as Bubba, took a leap of faith. After owning their printing business for 25 years, they discovered a new passion for pimento cheese during a farmers market in South Hill, Virginia. A revitalization grant paved the way for Birdie's Pimento Cheese to make its debut at the market, and the response was overwhelming. The couple sold out all 30 tubs they had in stock, marking the beginning of a new chapter. The decision to sell their printing business and fully dedicate themselves to Birdie's Pimento Cheese was made, and the brand was born.

As Birdie's Pimento Cheese celebrates its 10th anniversary, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Robin Allen to learn more about the inspiration behind creating Birdie's Pimento Cheese and how her Southern upbringing influenced its unique twist on tradition.

Can you share more about the inspiration behind creating Birdie's Pimento Cheese and how your Southern upbringing influenced its unique twist on tradition?

Robin: My husband and I owned a printing company before we started this business. Most Pimento cheese buyers come with stories behind them; this is my mom's and grandmother's, but these recipes are all mine and my creations. When my daughter went to college, I started playing around with the Pimento cheese, pulling it apart and putting it back together (literally playing with my food). I could see where different ingredients would blend with the cheese and break down the ingredients. Bold, unique flavors that get people excited. Ours is a premium brand; we don’t thin it out with Mayo.

As Birdie's Pimento Cheese celebrates its 10th anniversary, what do you believe sets your premium cheese spread apart from other options in the market, and how has it evolved over the years?

Robin: I have some recipes that are private to me; some of them are on the website, but we can’t turn them into flavors, but people can recreate the ideas with the recipes. The recipes have evolved; people love the heat in jalapenos, but our first ones were milder, and now we add the full ribs, seed, and heat. I make it the same way we made it 10 years ago in our kitchen at home.

With a variety of flavors like Cream Cheese + Black Pepper, Classic, Garlic Parmesan, Jalapeño, Smoked Gouda + Roasted Red Pepper, and seasonal varieties, how do you approach the development of new flavors, and what goes into creating the perfect combination of taste?

Robin: I am a naturally curious cook. I am always asking questions, and I want to understand it. When my daughter went to college, I spent my free time in the kitchen exploring ingredients. We live in a small town, in a small area, our area is full of foodies, but we don’t have different restaurants. So luckily, the internet helped me learn how to create culinary pieces and broaden my pallet and the recipes for the cheeses.

The versatility of Birdie's Pimento Cheese is highlighted in its use in various dishes. Could you share your favorite or most unexpected way someone has used your product, showcasing its adaptability?

Robin: Pimento cheese found me; I did not go looking for it. I am truly grateful that I am the one who brought this product to the market. First, we went to farmer's markets and shared the product. We went to a farmers’ market in Virginia, and we got a bit of a media buzz. We had a printing customer of ours call us and wanted to sell our product in the store, but we were only registered for farmers markets, but because we were in the dairy industry. The Virginal Department of Agriculture was extremely supportive. After the local stores started taking it, we built our website, and during the pandemic, we had to figure out shipping the cheese. We had already worked out the logistics but were not doing it often, but we turned it into an online platform, and we were able to start shipping around the country. Our advertising has always been word of mouth and grassroots.

how to ship Birdie's Pimento Cheese is more than a product; it's a celebration of Southern tradition, creativity, and the love for bold flavors. From its humble beginnings in a local farmers market to gracing nationwide shelves, the brand continues to captivate hearts and taste buds with its premium quality and versatile offerings. As they say in the South, "Y'all don't want to miss this!" Visit Birdie's Pimento Cheese to savor tradition with a twist.


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