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Ana Kiri Releases Her New Music Video "I Still Remember"

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Singer Ana Kiri has released her new single and music video “I Still Remember”

“I Still Remember” music video was produced by the Black Flamingo Films and directed by recognized director Jarop who has worked with well-known artists such as Akon, Farruko & Mafio, Fat Joe, Dj Khaled, Solano, Landis, and many more.

This single defines the direction where Ana wanted to go in her music career - good quality house EDM. Ana expressed her excitement to be producing the type of music she really wanted to make.

In this music video, Ana and the team were looking to create a simple but powerful piece that captivates the audience with the beauty of its imaginary. Inspired by the magic and freedom of fashion film and contemporary dance they wanted to portrait the fight of a woman with her inner demons.

Ana Kiri was born in Ukraine and is based in Miami. Since she moved to the U.S. she has been working non-stop in big projects.

Her previous single and music video “Feel My Love” an upbeat tropical house-tinged electro-pop song, had great success among Ana’s fans. You can enjoy her music video music video here:

In November 8th Ana Kiri released her EP ‘Dreaming’, which consists of five tracks and is a collection of songs from her past, as Ana puts it herself. Being chill electro-pop, this EP is softer, melodic and dreamy.

“‘Dreaming’ has all the first songs I wrote a few years back. That’s why it has a bit of that retro chill feel to it. I was going through a very difficult period in my life, I lost a very important person to my heart and soul. That’s when I turned to music again. I needed to let some feelings out, because it was just too much to keep them on the inside. ‘Sugar in Clouds’ is the first song written for this EP. I wrote everything else around it. I hope you enjoy your journey into my music.” Says Ana. 

When she was 6, she started attending music school. “My mother really wanted me to get the proper princess education, which I did :)” Says Ana. “Besides school, mandatory were music school, dance school and art school. Fairly to say, I didn’t really have much free time back then”.

She played piano for 7 years growing up. Classical music and classical education - that was the way to do it. Her heart wasn’t there for playing and learning classical pieces, but was there for our vocal lessons and music composing.

Kiri talks about her first time playing ukulele, which now she masters. “I also play ukulele. Funny story. I picked it up only when me and my girlfriend went to Hawaii for vacation. It was actually my friend who brought the ukulele along as a joke, cause it’s the standard Hawaiian experience package:) But I’ve decided to take the most out of it and challenged myself to learn 10 songs, one for each day we were on the island. It was challenging but I’m glad I did it. Again, as a person, who suffers a lot with anxiety and panic attacks, I must say that ukulele is definitely a great thing. You can always take it anywhere - it is very small and light, and it is very convenient for concentration and controlling”. Now it has been around three years that she plays it very frequently. She loves learning popular songs and doing ukulele versions of them.

What made you decide to pursue music?

I always loved music. However, it has been years since I finished classic music school and I’m getting back to music only now. When I was, little and practicing piano pieces by Mozart and Beethoven for school, I couldn’t appreciate music. All I wanted was to go back to my dance classes, or school friends and have fun. I’ve concentrated more on dancing, then on acting. It wasn’t until I moved to Miami that I got to know electronic music and fell in love with it. And all the possibilities EDM offers to you. Not only as a performer, but as a producer as well.

Why did you switch modelling to singing or are you doing both?

My music to me isn’t about my singing. My music to me is about music itself. It’s about the melody, the arrangement, the instruments I choose. It’s about the story the songs tells. With my first single “Feel my love” I was going for the summer upbeat tropical house vibe, with carefree and kind message. With my recent release “I still remember” I wanted to go more into deep house and concentrated on the base, kick and the drop. Here I had a possibility to work on an amazing music video with Miami based Black Flamingo Films. Here we portrayed the fight of a woman with her inner demons. 

What I’m proud the most is when I play my song to someone, and when they actually feel that feeling I wanted to convey – that’s what I love!

I’m doing everything at the same time - music, dancing, acting, painting. I find that switching from one thing to another also helps me advance while giving me time to rest doing something else, and also get a perspective.

What is your next project?

My new single “Word of Mouth” is coming out on January 26 and I’m very excited about this one! I worked together with the talented Patrick J Que Smith who wrote “Best thing I Never had” for Beyonce, “Radar” for Britney Spears, “Baby I’ for Ariana Grande and many many more. This song is so much fun and I can’t wait for you to hear it. I worked together with very talented Lucas Villemur on the production and we came out with a super cure and groovy pop funk sound.

Are you planning on working on a full album?

Releasing my first EP “Dreaming” was a big project. Mainly because any album is like a story on its own, like a book with many chapters. And you need to see the whole picture.

It has been so much fun for me working on singles because I can try totally different thing with each new track. Definitely down the road I see myself working on an album, but at this point I think I’m still finding my sound, still a lot of things i need and want to learn… It is definitely a journey. And I’m super excited that I started it!

Do you listen to music other than electronic music?

Of course! I love Mumford & Sons, Florence + the machine, Vance Joy, Norah Jones… and many other. I pretty much love all music and can find beauty in it all. 

We love your TIktok and Instagram! Look like you’re putting a lot of time and effort into your shuffle dance videos. Does it take a lot of your time?

Actually, the idea of doing music came out from my shuffle dance videos. One day I thought how cool would it be to dance to my own music. So, I guess one of the main goals I want to achieve with my music - is to make people move. Move and dance!

Now I actually can shuffle dance to my own songs and it has been a lot of fun. 


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