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Alessandra Mai Vinh Dances with Celebrities Such as 50 Cent or Paris Hilton

Updated: Feb 21

Born in Italy with a Vietnamese background, Alessandra began dancing at the age of 13. In Italy, she became known for working on national TV shows, commercials, and tours, as well as choreographing and dancing for several popular artists.

In 2012, on a mission to pursue her dreams, she decided to move to New York City, where she attended Broadway Dance Center.

With hard work and determination, she was able to work with 50 Cent on the first and second seasons of Power TV Show and starred in Jodie Foster's film, "Money Monster." She has also performed live on Good Morning America, Madison Square Garden, and toured the US with Cantonese pop star, Shirley Kwan.

In Los Angeles she has performed in numerous Carnival Choreographers Ball, a dance show by top choreographers and dancers in the music, video and film industry. She has worked with Paris Hilton, Bling Empire TV Star Guy Tang, Gianluca Todisco, Ellynora and HBO TV star Dolores Ninja to name a few.

And she was also invited by the Department of Theatre and Dance of The University of Texas at El Paso to give a professionalizing talk to undergraduate students.

Some of her credits on Italian television include Se Stasera Sono Qui, Amici, Wind Music Awards, Festival Show, Laura Pausini, Renato Zero, J-Ax, Mario Biondi, Tiziano Ferro and Adriano Celentano.

Aside from pursuing a career in dance, Alessandra has also modeled for Red Bull, Budweiser, American Express, Bulova Watches, Sonya Dakar, Lyft, Black Magic Design and was featured on RAI, Marie Claire, and Vogue Italia.

Photographer: Thomas Louvagny