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5 steps to turn your dreams into a reality

Updated: May 16

How often have you had a great idea, or you’ve thought of a way to enhance or change your life for the better but ended up doing nothing with it? You’ve wanted so much to have that holiday or new career, but it’s never transpired out of your head – it’s just lingered in your mind’s eye as daydream and then ultimately become a regret.

The reality is, whilst a dream is in your head and intangible, it’s unlikely to materialise into anything other than that BUT if you use a methodical process to turn that vision into something you can see, smell and touch, you then get to decide whether you vacation on Someday Island or set sail for the land of your dreams.


Dreaming is good, visualizing on what you want to attract is part of the process and vitally important. You want to keep your desires front and centre in your mind’s eye ALL the time. Taking that vision from your mind and then transferring it to a vision board, using pictures to represent what you want; then, having this displayed in a prominent place would be my next step in attaining my greatest desires. It's the next tangible step in materialising them, it also acts as proof or even a form of accountability to yourself (and others) of what you want. You’re putting your dreams on the line. It’s also good to get behind yourself and grow your self-esteem. Getting your dream onto paper and having other’s see what you want is another vital step in having them come into being.

Goal Set

Once you know what you want you can set a goal - what you want, when you want it and how or what you have to do to make it happen. This helps create a real timeline towards having your dream come into reality and it creates the start of a structure or foundation in order to achieve it. Getting the dream out of your head and written down on paper, then, witnessed by someone else (ideally someone who you are accountable to and wouldn't want to let down by not taking action towards your goal) is crucial. Until you set your written goal – whatever you want will remain a dream in your head. Write down what you want in order to further manifest it. I always sign mine.

Take Action

Energy follows thought. You must take action on your new resolution consistently. You can visualise like a MOFO and this might even make you think you dream is happening (this is called denial) because until you take real consistent action on your goals you dream will never get off the ground. Make a plan of action and put it into practise every day. Taking consistent daily action is essential.

Believe in Yourself

Remember it’s your dream, you’re going to have to hustle and paint such a big picture to have people believe in it and buy into it too because you might not be able to do it on your own. How you handle obstacles and rejection will also be key. If you’re going to face rejection and setbacks, how will you bounce back? What tools have you in place to help you cope with the hard work, the disappointments (and conversely – the successes). Don’t be distracted by any of them. Keep your focus and invest into yourself and into your environment to help support your resilience and tenacity. Daily affirmations will be required. No-one will believe more in your dream than yourself. Make sure you and your dream are worth fighting for. Have affirmations and goals on “post-it” notes EVERYWHERE. I even had them stuck to my petrol tank cap, so each time I filled up, I’d a surprise affirmation. Also, in your wallet, on your fridge, bathroom mirror, cell phone…remote control…everywhere to remind you how good you are or what your goal is.

Keep Going

Most people will quit on themselves before pay day. YOU have to make sure you’re not one of them or you’ll become a sad little statistic as to why you shouldn't follow your dreams – and that would be worse than failure. Decide to be the exception and ensure that you keep taking daily actions and inch incrementally towards your goal every week, month and year.

You need at least 5 years of consistency and I’m told 10,000 hours put into your dream to be considered a professional at what you want to achieve – so quitting isn’t an option – unless, of course you're an amateur or you didn't really want it anyway. I say, keep going “until” …and only you know what your “until” looks like.

As you see, it does start with a dream and then with enough visualisation and hard work you can make sure you’re moving towards the direction of your dreams rather than away from them and with every action you take, you’re creating momentum and energy in order to get what you really want out of life. It starts with an idea, and then with enough courage and action you can start waking up to your dreams rather than from them.

That's all I’ve got.

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