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Vivee Home Is Art, Joy, and Sustainable Living in Every Detail

In a world that often moves too quickly, Vivee Home emerges as a beacon of joy and artistic expression in the realm of home decor. Founded by two creative minds, Katya and Meryl, the brand is a celebration of life, storytelling, and the power of art to transform everyday spaces into havens of happiness.

Growing up enamored with painting, Katya found her calling in the world of contemporary art. Having participated in gallery exhibits, she now channels her passion into Vivee Home, where she aims to make art more accessible to a broader audience through the medium of home decor. In a recent interview, Katya shared that her inspiration stemmed from her childhood trip to Paris, where the impressionist paintings at Musee D'Orsay brought tears of happiness to her eyes.

For Meryl, storytelling has always been a driving force in her life. From childhood tales to poems and short stories in her adolescence, her career in brand marketing allowed her to bring brands to life through compelling narratives. Vivee Home stands as a testament to Meryl's dedication to crafting a cozy and uplifting brand world. Meryl's favorite place to volunteer, the American Cancer Society, reflects her commitment to making a positive impact on the community.

The partnership between Katya and Meryl blossomed online, and as their collaboration deepened, they became business partners. Katya, with a background in art, envisioned minimalist designs to reach a broader audience. Meryl, a brand expert, took charge of advertising and storytelling, shaping the narrative behind Vivee Home.

In defining their roles, Katya oversees partners, products, and art, while Meryl takes charge of the consumer-facing side, digital aspects, copywriting, and storytelling, bringing a harmonious balance to Vivee Home.

Vivee Home takes a mindful approach to its environmental impact. The porcelain pieces, though mass-produced, retain a handmade quality. The intricate process involves Katya's initial drawings, clay designs, 3D modeling, plastic molds, and the final creation of porcelain pieces. This process is not only applicable to porcelain but also extends to recycling plastic, reflecting Vivee Home's commitment to sustainability.

The heart of Vivee Home lies in celebrating the joy of being alive. Each piece is designed to evoke emotions, inspired by experiences and a focus on joy. The brand encourages people to stop and smell the roses in a new, tangible way through artistic home decor.

Vivee Home goes beyond aesthetics, pledging to contribute 5% of its profits to meaningful charities that align with the core of each collection. This commitment reflects the founders' vision of not just beautifying homes but contributing to a more joyful, present, and connected world.

In conclusion, Vivee Home is not just a home decor brand; it's a testament to the power of art, joy, and community coming together to create spaces that truly feel like home.


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