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Unleash Your Inner Athlete with Boxbollen.

Imagine an activity that combines fun, fitness, and the thrill of a challenge. Enter Boxbollen, the innovative game that’s taking the world by storm. With over 900,000 users worldwide and a viral sensation on TikTok, Boxbollen is more than just a game—it’s a lifestyle revolution. Featured on the US #1 most-watched daytime TV talk show "The View," this captivating game has everyone from kids to grandparents donning headbands and punching balls in a quest for glory and fitness.

The Concept: Simple Yet Engaging

Boxbollen is as simple as it is engaging. The game involves putting on a headband, attaching a lightweight ball, and then punching it while trying to avoid getting hit. Sounds easy? Think again. The challenge lies in maintaining focus and improving your eye-hand coordination, reflexes, and body control. It's a fantastic way to enhance your physical and mental agility, whether you're a seasoned athlete or just looking for a fun way to stay active.

A Game for All Occasions

One of the greatest aspects of Boxbollen is its versatility. It’s perfect for any setting—family gatherings, parties, office breaks, vacations, or simply when you're bored at home. It’s an excellent way to bring joy and laughter to any situation. The game transcends age and fitness levels, making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Even an 11-year-old from Sweden holds the world record with 46 hits in 10 seconds, showcasing that anyone can excel at Boxbollen.

Digital Integration for Enhanced Experience

To take the fun to the next level, Boxbollen comes with an app that offers multiple game modes, video challenges, a hit counter, and more. Whether you're aiming to beat your personal best, challenge friends and family, or take part in global competitions, the app provides endless opportunities to keep the excitement alive.

Fitness Benefits Beyond Fun

Boxbollen isn't just about fun—it’s also a great workout. It can serve as a light cardio activity or be integrated into high-intensity interval training sessions. It's a perfect companion to other forms of exercise such as running, boxing, yoga, and weight training. Even if you can't make it to the gym, Boxbollen ensures you still get a good workout. It's a fantastic way to clear your head, break a sweat, and stay active.

Pro Tip: Boost Your Productivity

Struggling with a problem at work? Take a 10-minute break with Boxbollen. The quick physical activity can refresh your mind and body, potentially offering a new perspective on the task at hand. It’s a practical and fun way to integrate movement into your daily routine.

Join the Boxbollen Community

Boxbollen has created a vibrant community of enthusiasts who share their achievements and challenges online. Co-founders Jacob and Victor Eriksson have even taken the challenge to TV, with notable appearances like challenging co-host Sara Haines on "The View." This broad exposure and the inclusive nature of the game have helped Boxbollen build a diverse and enthusiastic user base.

Get Started Today

Ready to join the Boxbollen craze? Visit to get your headband and ball. Download the app, and start your journey towards better fitness, improved focus, and endless fun. Whether you’re looking to challenge your best friend, your kids, or even your grandma, Boxbollen is the perfect way to bring people together and stay active.

Boxbollen is more than just a game—it's a revolution in fun and fitness. So, put on your headband, start punching, and become a real BOXBALLER today!


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