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The Promising Young Musician Known as "Kelly Centeno" Makes her Debut with New Music

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Kelly Centeno was born on January 4, 2007 in the city of Miami, United States. From a very young age, she feels inclination for music and a little later at the age of 12 she got the magical talent of composition.

Kelly is the first in her family to feel a special passion for music inspired by the story of her grandmother, from which the beautiful song “Favorite Flowers” was born.

Along with her studies, the singer receives singing and piano lessons with the prestigious teacher Yara Rey, known for her extraordinary tuning and remembered from her participation in “La Academia”. Her time at Yara Rey's Academy prompted her to continue her career as a soloist.

Kelly confesses that she dreams of singing with her music industry idols such as Ashe, Taylor Swift and Louis Tomlinson. She would love to sing with any of them, as well as any other One Direction member. Since her childhood she listened to "What Makes You Beautiful" and "Our Song" which were her inspirations in music.

The young interpreter at only 14 years old already has more than 70 songs of her own authorship, entering the magical world of interpretation and she is ready to launch herself as a soloist with several of her unpublished songs included in her repertoire.

Kelly has performed as a guest artist at Miami nightclubs where she has impressed the entire audience with her impressive vocal power and perfect pitch. She is determined to grow artistically and take her artistic career to another level with the advice of the Record Label “Another Level Studios”.

She has recorded with great producers in the music industry such as the successful producer Jay Simon who has worked with great exponents of music such as: Ivy Queen, Guaynaa, El Chacal, El Micha, Osmany Garcia, Jacob Forever, among many others.

In 2021 she recorded her first song titled “NIGHTMARE” under the musical direction of Libni, which has had a high number of views on YouTube and very good acceptance by the followers and fans of the young artist.

She is currently preparing for the premiere of her next video clip titled “Just that girl” which will be released on her YouTube channel, in addition to a successful media tour of the United States.


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