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The Modern Day James Bond is The Savoir Faire Man

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

The Modern-Day James Bond Possesses savoir-faire. The definition meaning well-spoken is taken to heart by the modern-day James Bond. The savvy yet sophisticated Savoir Faire Man takes off the black suit and slides on designer jeans, combined with a t-shirt and sports coat. His hand always carries the most modern tech-based phone. His charm and smooth, Whitty ways make him a hit with women as well as with the men that admire him.

His business sense, life knowledge, and backstory allow him to speak what is securely on his mind. He knows they listen and ride on his words, so he plays the leader well. The Modern-day James Bond is not jumping out of windows nor unarming bombs in the last few seconds of a climactic scene, but he is putting out fires, or in this case, building them and sparking the fire into men and women that need a little confidence and a heavy dose of savoir-faire.

The modern-day James Bond has the talent of being one of the best wordsmiths in business but knows how to have fun doing it. He is a big fan of the arts and appreciates the craftsmanship that makes any fine art. He sees beauty in all different forms and shapes. The Savoir-faire Man has no problem being in a room full of people, but he knows when to be alone. He can bring the rain when needed or be the sunshine on a cloudy day.

The Savoir-faire Man knows how to get himself out of a tight situation or jam, but he doesn't see a situation as being only a problem but an opportunity. He is always on the move, always making plans and keeping people entertained. He cracks jokes that only he finds funny, and he wears clothes that no one else would ever be caught dead in. His dress style is very different from fashion, but his swagger more than makes up for it.

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