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The Delectable Journey of SorBabes & Fudgepop with Co-founder Nicole Cardone

In the ever-evolving world of frozen delights, SorBabes & Fudgepop, a creation of Fruitful Brands, has emerged as a flavorful force to be reckoned with. Behind this delectable brand is Nicole Cardone, a co-founder with a passion for reinventing frozen treats. In an exclusive interview, Nicole shared the inspiring journey of SorBabes, the transition to Fudgy Pops, and insights into the brand's commitment to innovation and inclusivity.

Nicole's journey into the frozen dessert realm began with a chance encounter at a farmers market, where a bag of peaches sparked the idea for unique sorbets. Teaming up with chef Deborah, the duo crafted mouthwatering flavors that quickly gained popularity at local markets and expanded into bodegas.

As the company navigated the challenges posed by the COVID era, resilience became a guiding principle. Despite the hurdles, steadfast partnerships, particularly with ATB, held the shelf for SorBabes & Fudgepop, allowing the brand to weather the storm and emerge stronger.

The evolution of SorBabes into Fudgy Pops marked a turning point, addressing the unmet need for gourmet chocolate options in the frozen section. Nicole and Deborah, both chocolate enthusiasts, introduced flavors like Fudgin’ Fudgy, Fudgin’ Berry, and Fudgin’ Minty, each a delightful frozen hot chocolate experience. The use of high-end Guittard chocolate, fewer than 10 ingredients, and a commitment to being vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free sets Fudgy Pops apart, all within a guilt-free 90 calories per pop.

In an engaging Q&A session, Nicole delved into the inspiration behind the transition, the upcoming February flavor release, and the creative process of crafting unique combinations. She emphasized the importance of drawing inspiration from personal snacking habits and consumer trends while maintaining a commitment to quality.

What inspired you to transition from SorBabes to creating Fudgy Pops, and how do these frozen treats differ from conventional options?

Nicole: The transition from SorBabes to Fudgy Pops was born out of a desire to bring excitement to the frozen chocolate market. While exploring our love for chocolate, we noticed a lack of innovative and gourmet options in the frozen section. Fudgy Pops are not just nostalgic; they offer a rich, chewy, and indulgent experience reminiscent of childhood but with a modern twist. What sets them apart is the use of high-end Guittard chocolate, less than 10 carefully selected ingredients, and being vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free, all within 90 calories per pop.

Can you share more about the upcoming flavor you mentioned, and how do you approach creating new and unique combinations for your frozen treats?

Nicole: Absolutely! We're excited to unveil a new flavor in February that will add another dimension to our Fudgy Pops lineup. When it comes to creating new flavors, we draw inspiration from our own snacking habits and consumer trends. Our goal is to provide chocolate enthusiasts with unexpected and delightful combinations. We experiment with various ingredients, ensuring they align with our commitment to quality, and work closely with our chef, Deborah, to achieve that perfect balance of flavors.

As a woman-owned business, what role does diversity and inclusion play in Fruitful Brands, and do you have any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, especially women, looking to venture into the food industry?

Nicole: Diversity and inclusion are integral to our company culture. We believe in fostering an environment where different perspectives thrive, contributing to the creativity and innovation that sets Fruitful Brands apart. For aspiring entrepreneurs, especially women entering the food industry, my advice would be to embrace your unique perspective. Don't be afraid to challenge the status quo and leverage your strengths. Seek mentorship, surround yourself with a supportive network, and most importantly, stay true to your passion. It's not always an easy journey, but resilience and authenticity can lead to sweet success.

SorBabes & Fudgepop represents more than just frozen treats; it embodies a journey of resilience, innovation, and sweet success. With the upcoming flavor release in February and a commitment to diversity, Fruitful Brands continues to redefine the frozen dessert experience, promising delightful surprises for chocolate enthusiasts nationwide. As Nicole Cardone and her team chart new territories, the world of frozen indulgence can only anticipate more sweet moments on the horizon.


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