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The Beverly Halls Stop By To Talk About Social And Being An Influencer!

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Meet Brooke and Marco Hall, an extraordinary power couple who have taken the world of social media by storm. With a combined following of over 32 million devoted fans, they have captured the hearts and attention of people from all walks of life. Brooke, a former nurse, and Marco, a skilled boxer, have found their true calling as influencers, sharing their unique blend of entertaining content and inspiring messages with their massive online community.

You have quickly become a power couple when it comes to social media, but before that what were you doing?

Brooke: I was a nurse, and Marco was a boxer. We met in 2010 originally but didn’t start dating until 2014 after we connected, we were only engaged for 7 months before we got married and then had our first child in that first year. Marco was friends with Floyd Mayweather and his friends were just starting to get their feet wet with social media in 2014. We were interested in it as well and knew the Kardashians had figured it out, so we wanted to do the same. Marco and I both love fashion so we knew our social accounts would be focused on that, plus our relationship. People seem to love learning about our day-to-day and we love sharing.

What was the biggest challenge you faced when just getting started?

Brooke: The biggest challenge was figuring out how to get brands to pay us!

Marco: We got $300 for our first brand deal and were excited about that!

Brooke: Yeah, I also think that having an agent helped a lot. Having a team increased our viewership. We really started to brand ourselves and that’s where Beverly Halls came from. It was key to grow awareness about us and start getting a larger income.

What is your social platform up to now and what are you getting bigger brand deals?

Brooke: Yes, I think we are now up to 32 million followers and growing. We work with a lot of corporate brands currently, so their budgets are higher than most. We have received as high as $50K for a beauty post. The most important part of really growing on social media is to stay on brand, for example, we do not promote any drugs, alcohol, or sexual content. Our niche We are 100% family-friendly with a touch of fun, fashion, and Charity.

Could you shed some light on how you strategically monetized your social media accounts? What steps did you take to turn your online presence into a profitable business?

Brooke: I am a huge tech head ha-ha! I’d even call myself a bit of a nerd, I create very organized systems to keep up with our content creation, when we post, and family life. I have digital notebooks, that are available to purchase on our website. The key for us is Schedule management, we plan out even our date nights in advance, the normal calendar goes out about 3 months at a time.

How often are you in front of the camera?

Marco: We are doing it full-time at this point, over 40 - hours in just content creation and then another 20 hours or more of editing each week. We create posts and videos but when we do a story post we normally create and post those on the same day!

You attended the Grammy Awards in 2022 and were seen at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) in the same year. Can you share your experience of being part of such high-profile events and how they have impacted your careers as influencers?

Brooke: These events are a great part of our career as influencers. They not only help us get awareness, but it really allows us to connect with our fans in real life. But I have to say, even with these events and being a part of them, we feel the most famous when we see our fans in everyday life. When I am in the grocery store and meet a fan and they tell us how our content made them smile, or laugh, that is what gets us and keeps us motivated to keep going.

Do you have any big things coming up that we can be the first to tell the fans about? Where can they see you?

Brooke: Yes, we have hinted at this on Instagram but, we are going to be at Vidicon as featured creators, and we will be performing! We will have a meet and greet as well as a merch booth. We will be speaking on the panel as well. You can attend Vidicon June 21st – 24th!

Together, Brooke and Marco create a dynamic duo, captivating their followers with their shared adventures, hilarious antics, and heartwarming moments. Their ability to engage with their audience on a personal level sets them apart in the world of influencers. Whether they are sharing their favorite recipes, offering health and wellness tips, or simply sharing glimpses into their daily lives, their authenticity shines through, forging a genuine connection with their millions of loyal fans.


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