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Thalima Silva, Fashion Face of the Year

Updated: May 9, 2023

Supermodel Thalima Silva Miss Brazil Teen is the first Brazilian to ever be on the cover of Elle India and L’Official Arabia. From being Miss Brazil Teen to strutting down the runways of London and São Paulo Fashion Week, Thalima Silva is skyrocketing in the fashion scene at only 20 years old.

Elected for the third time in a row the Fashion Face of the Year and spite of being a global model, Thalima Silva (artistic name of tamirys beer) is very rooted in her traditional, conservative upbringing and is emotionally attached to her parents. “I want to honor my parents with the amazing life they deserve. I am also very blessed to have a big team taking care of them when I am away,” said Thalima adding that her family means everything to her.

Staying close to her roots also means being proud of her mixed heritage. About her heritage Thalima says “Everybody ask how many heritages I have. Some fashion photographers say I am a cocktail of heritages, but I was born in Brazil and I will always fight for my country even when I am living abroad”.

There is more to the striking model than meets the eye, since she uses her image to fight for Brazil specially amazon and pantanal. And that’s not all, she is also the youngest philanthropist of South America, nominated the official international ambassador of @nex_noextinction the biggest organization responsible to rescue and treat Jaguars and wild felines burned from The pantanal wild fires. “Nex – No Extinction is doing an incredible job. I’ve never seen anything like that in the entire world and I am so honored to be their official international ambassador,” explains Thalima Silva, emphasizing on the urgency of action for the situation. “I am not afraid of animals, I am afraid of humans,” the Top model added.


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