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Teresa Haering Portoles creates a special and meaningful music video during the Coronavirus lockdown

The collaborative music video ‘Si Tuviera un Silencio’ (‘If I Had a Silence’ in English) directed and starred by Teresa Haering from Madrid, and involving people from all over the world, shows the positive side of confinement.

The artist Teresa Haering Portoles, from Madrid with Swiss origins, has directed her music video with people related to cinema like Silvia Kal in Hollywood, the director of Swim by Judit in London or Marafiki Community in Kenya.

After many days at home, not everything is negative when an artist shows her most creative side. Teresa Haering Portoles decided to create a different music video of her own song "Si tuviera un silencio", in which she reflects the connection between several people around the world, showing or reproducing the lyrics of the single and connecting it to the present moment. The music video is presented by actress Silvia Kal, who we have seeing in music video of Bisbal, Snoop Dogg and Ed Sheeran, or even in Hollywood movies. The video also features multiple people related to art and culture: designer Judit Garcia of the Swim by Judit brand, the director of From Madrid to Hollywood, Santiago Pigmalión or journalist Soledad Arroyo. The music video ends with the applause of members of the Marafiki community in Kenya, who are developing an exceptional collaborative work in Africa. There is even a message filmed from the United Arab Emirates with part of the lyrics of the song.

"Through the video of "Si tuviera un silencio" ("If I had a silence"), my intention is to make people feel we are all in this together. I had been thinking for several days about what I could do to encourage my followers, family and friends. I organized everything from home, and asked on my Instagram @teresahaering who wanted to participate in my video and also contacted people in my circle. I prepared a script, received videos and gave directions." shares the director, editor and singer-songwriter of the music video, Teresa Haering Portoles.

Teresa Haering, who lives in Pozuelo de Alarcon, Madrid, proposed the idea and sent the script to Silvia Kal, who did not hesitate for a second to participate and open the video from her home in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Judit joined the initiative from London by providing a very fun zenith shot with her children. Marta did the same from Kenya with her husband and two children from Marafiki Community, and Susana has even translated the chorus into Arabic from Emirates. In addition, there are several musicians and artists performing scenes, such as journalist Soledad Arroyo, writer Juan Roures and international Starbucks artist Javier Haering.

"I wanted to take a positive approach to confinement through the video of my song "Si tuviera un silencio". It’s been a lot of editing and organization. I recorded the song a few months ago at Sondeson studio, but the whole video was edited from home during "Coronatime". It is amazing how I have managed to connect everyone. I am impressed and pleased because I have got something very positive from these hard times", Teresa explains. "My brother Juan has helped me film my own shots and we did it all without a budget, in a very authentic way. That is the Art of it. I want to reflect the present moment, the feeling of not being able to touch each other or saying things to each other close. "Si tuviera un silencio" shows what is happening in houses all over the world. To see the music video:

Photographer: Juan Haering

PR Agency: International Reputation PR. IG @internationalreputationpr


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