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Spanish Actress Silvia Kal Wins a Glamor Magazine “Women Of The Year” Award

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Spanish actress Silvia Kal, who has lived in Los Angeles for twelve years, has just won the "Women of the Year" award from Bulgarian Glamor magazine, in the category "Actress to Watch". Silvia has also starred in one of their digital covers.

Among some of the celebrities who have won a Women Of The Year award from Glamor magazine in the past and in other countries are Angelina Jolie, Katie Perry, Alessandra Ambrosio, or Victoria Beckham.

“When they called me to announce that I was going to receive a Women Of The Year award from Glamor magazine, I couldn't believe it. I have been following these awards in the United States for years and seeing how the most successful actresses and personalities in the world received them. It had not even crossed my mind that one day I would be receiving one of those prizes” said Silvia.

Although Kal works non-stop, when accepting the award, she mentioned how difficult an acting career is and how sometimes actors can feel unmotivated. “This award means a lot to me, as the career I have chosen is very difficult and can be sometimes discouraging.”

Kal flew to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, from Los Angeles to attend the award ceremony.

“My award has been from the Bulgarian magazine, which turned into a unique experience. I had never been to Bulgaria or witnessed an awards show where I did not understand absolutely anything of what they were saying (laughs). I was in Sofia for three full days that I made the most of. I had an incredible time and I met amazing people.”

With a spectacular red dress, the actress also wanted to dedicate the award to all those women who, despite being very talented, did not have the opportunity to be there, also receiving recognition. “I feel so, so lucky because I know that there are so many extremely talented women out there who deserved to be here tonight, but they couldn’t because either they were not discovered or they live under circumstances that don't allow them to pursue the career they want” she said, holding the statue.

One of Silvia Kal’s latest jobs has been her participation in Awareness, Amazon Spain's highest-budget film to date. Awareness, directed by Daniel Benmayor, who is today considered one of the most important directors in Spain, and produced by Federation Spain, will be released early next year. In the feature film we will be able to see great Spanish actors such as Pedro Alonso (Money Heist), María Pedraza (Toy Boy), Oscar Jaenada (Luis Miguel), and Carlos Scholz (Toy Boy).

“I love working in Spanish productions. Spanish cinema is one of the best in the world. Daniel Benmayor is an incredible director with a unique vision that makes his productions rank among the most watched, so I couldn't be happier to work with him”, says Silvia.

Silvia Kal has lived in the city of Los Angeles for twelve years, where she has worked non-stop ever since. We were able to see her co-starring in one of the music videos of another world-renowned Spaniard, David Bisbal. In the video of the song Fiebre, Silvia plays the artist's psychologist. The video was shot in various locations in Los Angeles such as Pasadena or Venice Beach.

In the past, the Spanish actress was named Woman of the Week by GQ Mexico magazine, and one of the 28 most influential women in Latin America, by Spanish Influential magazine.

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