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SILVER, Best Music (Original Score) Winner in Several International Film Festivals

SILVER is an awarded Mexican DJ and Music Producer with more than 9 years of experience in Techno and House Music. He is also Founder-CEO of the reputable underground artists collective in Mexico called SessionsMx. Recently he just became the 2019 Mixmag Lab Opener Contest winner where he had the opportunity to play at the Mixmag HQ for their International live streaming. He is also winner of the Independent Horror Movie Awards, Cult Critic Film Awards and Los Angeles Film Awards among several other nominations, for the original music score he produced for Crypto Game. During his musical trajectory, he has played and collaborated in some of the most famous Nightclubs and International Music Festivals such as Natural Experience Festival in Puerto Vallarta (MX), Bar Santo Tomas in Guadalajara (MX), Rounders Festival in Guadalajara (MX), among others.

You’re having a very successful career, your background as a multi-award winning Music Producer and DJ adds an engaging visual and physical dimension to your tracks that we don’t really get the opportunity to see a lot of these days. What is the difference between composing and producing?

When I first got into production, I had no idea what to do. I didn’t know what I was supposed to learn or what I should focus my time on. That's why I decided to study “Music Production and Mastering”. Electronic music production differs from traditional music composition and production in many ways. Music production provides a different career path from music composition and scoring. Being a music producer involves handling technical aspects of creating sounds or a soundtrack for different visual media, such as movies or video games. Being a music composer involves creating songs, themes, or scores used in media, such as the background music in mobile apps, animation, films, and TV shows. A core element of music scoring and composition is having sharp listening skills. One might say that composers cover the more creative side of music for visual media, while music producers cover the more technical side of it.

You’d been nominated a couple of times before your first Best Original Score Award. What were the thoughts that crossed your mind the moment you were called for the first score award? What does it mean to be a winning hitmaker having won several awards for your work in “Crypto Game”?

I am very proud of my work in “Crypto Game” and excited about all the awards and nominations. It was very special for me because it was my first time scoring and I took the opportunity to experiment with new sounds.The important thing to keep in mind is the certainty that you will make it, and that you will make whatever sacrifice you need to make in order to achieve your goals. Dream big but make your dreams about the music, not about the money or luxury. Once you’re on this path for the right reason, the rest will follow. The key thing is to remain patient, to keep grinding and to realize that your “big break” may not come soon, but will come if you put in the hard work necessary to make it happen. Don’t focus on when you will become successful, rather focus on how to become successful and achieve that goal by working daily on it.

How did you get to “Crypto Game” and what was the approach you gave to the music? When do you prefer to start collaborating on a project?

It was by coincidence. I met the actress Amor Sanchez and she recommended me to the Producers, they listened to my music and the rest is history. Surrounding yourself with successful and talented people is a key way of finding inspiration and constantly learning from those who have walked the very same path that is now ahead of you. Successful people surround themselves with successful people. The creative process of scoring a movie is something that can be very long or very short. You can start at the very beginning or be on board right at the end, in the last few weeks. Some people treat music as post-production but they shouldn’t, it should be part of the creative process because it can alter the story completely. You have different characters, situations, and feelings that really need to be pointed out through your music.

How do you feel about changing from techno music to film? Do you find a very big difference working for them? What has been the biggest surprise so far about making music for film?

I am very open-minded, and having all those skills to use them in the movies, gave me a broad range of options. There has been a long history of film flirtation with electronic sounds, and from a dance music perspective some of the most interesting stories are those of electronic music artists who have scored films. The use of electronic music in film is nothing new and can be traced back over a century. For electronic music producers who have created film soundtracks the narrative is often quite different from their purely musical work. Film scoring involves collaboration to form a collective representation of a concept that can capture the imagination of an audience with both their eyes and ears.

Let’s finish with one last question. You’re a young musician, but you already have a successful career, and you’re getting bigger and bigger. But there are a lot of young musicians looking to start their careers and trying to get noticed. So, what advice would you give them from your experience?

Perseverance, constancy, commitment and patience. A successful music artist is constantly educating himself on the latest hardware options, plug-ins and software solutions that are applicable to his productions. While it is not necessary to learn every piece of equipment on the market there is still constant education needed to improve oneself and learn new techniques to use in the studio. Further, a professional musician wears many hats these days. Often times a producer might also be a DJ, a promoter, his own manager, his own booking agent, etc and as you begin to get busier with more gigs it’s important to learn how to wear each of these hats well.

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