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RO-MiNA Is The Multifaceted Visionary Behind ROMi Runway

In the vibrant tapestry of contemporary fashion, RO-MiNA stands out as a beacon of creativity and resilience. The founder of ROMi Runway, RO-MiNA is not just a designer; she is a singer, performer, and an embodiment of modern empowerment. Her journey from the Philadelphia suburbs to the glamour of Palm Beach and beyond is a testament to her unwavering passion and dedication.

Romina's love affair with fashion and music began in her early years. Growing up in Philadelphia, her days were filled with dreams of stardom and design. "Ever since I can remember, my dream was to be a professional singer, and with that came costume design," she recalls. Her mother worked at a fashion-based company, and young RO-MiNA would accompany her, using scraps from large knitting machines to craft intricate dresses for her Barbies. These formative experiences planted the seeds of a lifelong passion.

After college, RO-MiNA moved to New York City, immersing herself in the dynamic worlds of music and fashion. She honed her skills, learning the intricacies of design and performance. A temporary hiatus brought her back to Philadelphia, where she channeled her creative energies into a kitchen and décor store. It was here, amidst high-end fabrics and a supportive partner, that the concept of ROMi Runway began to take shape.

"Starting my clothing brand was a project born out of a love for fashion and the desire to create something special during my third pregnancy," RO-MiNA explains. With a keen eye for style and an unwavering determination, she built her own website and sourced exceptional fabrics, laying the foundation for ROMi Runway.

ROMi Runway is more than a fashion label; it's a statement of confidence and empowerment. The brand's signature Britney Denim Star Collection captures the essence of early 2000s fashion with it's light-washed denim and bedazzled star designs. "Denim on denim is never out of style," RO-MiNA asserts, and her collection proves it with an array of dresses, pants, tops, and blazers that exude "Britney Energy." ✨✨

The star motif is central to Romina's vision. "The star theme is all about being a star, the glitz and glam of the stars in the sky," she says. It also carries a deeper meaning, symbolizing protection from the evil eye. Each piece in the collection is designed to make the wearer feel like a star, radiating confidence and style.

Looking to the future, Romina's aspirations for ROMi Runway are as bold as her designs. "I would love to dress a celebrity for the stage or a red carpet," she shares. Her dream of showcasing her designs on major runways and stages remains strong, fueled by a reservoir of creativity and a growing portfolio of products.

RO-MiNA's journey is a remarkable blend of music and fashion, driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence. ROMi Runway is not just a brand; it's a lifestyle that celebrates individuality and empowerment. As RO-MiNA continues to inspire and innovate, her vision for ROMi Runway shines brightly, a testament to the power of dreams realized through dedication and passion.

For more on RO-MiNA and the latest from ROMi Runway, visit ROMi Runway.


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