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Michael Hummel and Establish PR: Pioneering a Founder-First Approach to Pitching and Funding

In the fast-paced world of start-ups, securing funding can often be a make-or-break moment for a budding entrepreneur. Michael Hummel, the visionary founder of Establish PR, has spent the past five years revolutionizing the approach to pitching and funding for over 1,000 start-up brands. His emphasis on a founder-first strategy has proven to be a game-changer in an industry often fixated on numbers and projections.

The Founder-First Approach:

Founders often assume that securing investment hinges solely on early projections. However, Michael Hummel's research-backed methodology asserts that a founder's passion, expertise, and character is equally vital. Leveraging a company's founder story, he argues, is essential at every stage, from marketing to investor conversations.

Key Discussion Points:

1. Misconceptions About Investor Priorities:

• Michael challenges the common misconception that investors solely scrutinize financial figures. He sheds light on the essential factor’s investors consider before committing capital.

2. Crafting an Attention-Grabbing Founder Story:

• He expounds on the crucial elements of a founder's narrative that can mitigate perceived risks in the evaluation process, making a start-up more appealing to potential investors.

3. Leveraging a Newsworthy Founder Story:

• Michael provides insights on using a compelling founder story to garner positive press and the third-party validation investors seek before striking a deal.

Establish PR: Bridging the Gap

Michael Hummel's brainchild, Establish PR, stands as a testament to his commitment to supporting start-ups in their funding journey. The venture, established in 2019, has empowered over 1,000 founders on their path to full funding. Michael's expertise in marketing and advertising has been honed through years of experience, culminating in the creation of this indispensable resource for the start-up community.

Behind the Scenes: The Establish PR Team

The private equity firm that backed Establish PR was motivated by more than just financial gains. They were drawn to the impressive team and visionary CEO, recognizing the potential of this venture. This support has allowed Establish PR to thrive and offer unparalleled assistance to start-ups seeking funding.

Navigating the Funding Landscape:

Michael Hummel's candid insights reveal that, in the early stages, it's more about betting on the team than fixating on financials. His advice to "bet on the jockey, not the horse" challenges traditional notions of what investors prioritize. He also stresses that finding like-minded investors who believe in the founder's vision is crucial in retaining their support, especially for newly launched companies.

Stages of Funding: Pre-Seed to Series A

Establish PR caters to start-ups at various stages of their funding journey. From the earliest "Pre-Seed" stage, which focused on securing initial investments, to the more established "Seed" stage, characterized by aggressive growth, and finally, the "Series A" stage, involving larger funding rounds for more established companies.

The Establish PR Difference:

Unlike traditional brokers, Establish PR doesn't directly involve itself in securing investments. Instead, they provide invaluable support over a 9–12-month period, focusing on PR strategy, investor relationships, and crafting a compelling market message. Their unique retainer model ensures a sustained partnership with their clients.

A Vast Network of Opportunity:

With a network boasting 500-1000 warm leads and tens of thousands of potential investors, Establish PR is well-positioned to connect start-ups with the resources they need to thrive.

Michael Hummel's innovative founder-first approach has revolutionized the way start-ups approach pitching and securing funding. Establish PR's impact on the start-up landscape is undeniable, providing a vital bridge between founders and investors. With Michael's guidance, start-ups can leverage their unique founder stories to not only secure funding but also build a strong foundation for future success


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