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Maya Nassar is Too Fit Too Fabulous

Updated: May 9, 2023

Maya Nassar is a fitness entrepreneur, international fitness model champion and certified specialist in sports nutrition and personal training.

She started her fitness journey several years ago when she transformed from being overweight and unhealthy to getting into the best shape of her life. Maya has lost a total of five dress sizes and 20 kilograms of fat.

She started competing in fitness modeling competitions internationally and has won a total of 9 trophies. Maya is the only athlete in history to be endorsed by an Arab government to compete abroad internationally.

Maya is currently a proud owner of a brand with over 300,000+ followers which encompassed a live TV fitness show, an online platform consisting of a website and fitness mobile app, and a state-of-the-art fitness center with two successful branches.

Maya Nassar is the first female in history to be endorsed by an Arab government to of especially represent her country in bikini fitness competitions abroad.

She has won nine awards in the last four years by competing in bikini fitness competitions abroad. Maya competes in the United Kingdom against other top fitness models from Europe and around the world.

Bikini fitness competitions require participants to be lean and feminine with soft muscle definition which requires three to four months of very intensive preparation to ready to go on stage.

Maya never used to be healthy and had a very poor lifestyle. After reaching her lowest, she lost 20 kilograms of fat and five sizes naturally through a healthy diet and exercise. This is when she found her passion for fitness and made it her mission to help others achieve the same goals. She decided to start competing internationally in fitness modeling competitions to push to her limits both mentally and physically and to become the best version of herself.

As Maya began her fitness journey, she started an online website and blog called “Start Living Right” to help change the lives of others by sharing her experience. She shares diet plans, exercise programs and much more to inspire, empower and motivate others to change their lives through fitness the same way she changed her life. Her website was very well received with more than 8000 hits per month.

After the success of her online website, she launched a mobile app with the same name and concept as the website. The mobile app contains special features such as animated exercises,

diet plans, workout programs, a fat loss calculator, calorie counter and tons of advice to help anyone with their fitness journey. Her mobile app has more than 50,000 downloads from around the world.

She officially launched her mobile app at a press conference where the Lebanese minister of sports gave a speech and officially endorsed her mobile application. The ceremony had all major TV stations, newspapers and journalists covering this event.

The mobile app has been ranked number one several times by the Apple Store competing against other international applications.

Nassar has a passion of helping other people and changing their lives, and her dream had become to open a physical location for “Start Living Right.” Less than one year ago, she opened her first branch in Antelias, Lebanon. The gym is a full wellness center with a physiotherapy clinic, sports nutritionist, mentoring and personal training services, classes, a fully equipped space and outdoor rooftop pool. Start Living Right is the second gym in Lebanon to be fully sponsored by Nike and to exclusively give Nike Training Club classes which are free for the public to attend.

Maya has been on featured on every TV station in Lebanon and has also done interviews for TV stations in Russia, Hong Kong and just recently a documentary for CNN Asia which will be broadcast all over Asia. Maya has also appeared in the news on many major newspapers and has done interviews on all international radio stations in Lebanon. She has also appeared in several magazine covers.

Maya hosted own TV show Get Fit on MTV Lebanon live twice a week every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00 am for the last 2.5 years. Maya used this platform to empower her viewers to exercise with her at home. Her TV show had a large following and is broadcast all over the Middle East.

The model has been invited twice to be a guest judge at The Miss World Classic, one of the largest fitness modeling competitions in the United Kingdom in 2015 and 2016. She was among a panel of famous fitness figures in the United Kingdom and selected the winners of each category in the competition. Being invited to judge at a competition is a major honor for any fitness competitor.

Nassar frequently gives inspirational talks and workshops to share her story and inspire others. She also gives talks about nutrition, exercise and health and boot-camps. In 2015, Maya traveled to Russia to give a talk about health and fitness in front of an audience of 100 people. Maya’s event was broadcast on billboards and covered by TV stations.

Maya was also a motivational speaker at the regional senior leaders’ conference for Henkel Middle East and North Africa where she motivated their leaders to become their best self. The women’s empowerment initiative Elle Fiesta asked her to run a motivational workshop to inspire women to become their best self. Maya has also been giving pregnancy workshops to train women on how to diet and exercise safely during their pregnancy.

Maya gave birth to a baby boy and exercised all throughout her pregnancy. She empowered other pregnant women to train with her on her TV show on MTV Lebanon and received pregnant women in her gym. She exercised right until the day before she gave birth and used

her story to raise awareness about the importance of exercise during pregnancy. Maya shared her story of pregnancy and fitness and appeared on the cover of two Egyptian magazines during her pregnancy. Just recently Maya took part in a new program for MBC discussing pregnancy and fitness which will be aired this spring.

Maya has also given several workshops for pregnant women to educate them on the right way to stay healthy during pregnancy.

After her son was born, Maya brought her baby onto her TV show on MTV Lebanon so other moms could join in a mom and baby workout.

This inspiring woman is heavily involved in NGOs and giving back to the community and regularly takes part in awareness campaigns.

In 2015, Maya took part in a sports calendar featuring 12 athletes to raise money for the NGO Braveheart which helps children with heart conditions.

She is currently a board member at the not-for-profit organization Animals Lebanon, which is the largest animal welfare NGO in the Middle East.


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