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Life and Art with Street Artist Mister George

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

George Nicolas - Nader, better known as Mister George, is a Street Artist that started his artistic career in 2015 after picking up a Jean-Michael Basquiat book, because George drew very similar to Basquiat as a child and he was fascinated by this.

Mister George attended Miami International University studying Fashion Design and Visual Arts. His knowledge from fashion school led to his collaboration with designer Fabrice Tardieu for George’s first Art Basel in 2016, where he collaborated also with Limited Edition Gallery. The event featured artist like Moebius, and Spencer Mar. Due to Mister George’s friendship with Red Sox baseball player David Ortiz, Mister George painted two pieces for the Red Sox Gala.

In 2017 Mister George also participated in David Ortiz & Ray Allen Fundraiser, providing them with three pieces. During Halloween Mister George was commissioned for a live painting in WALL Nightclub. Later that year George had two shows for Art Basel 2017, one at the Shore Club along with Shawn Kolodny and Lexy Pryde, and the other one his solo show at the National Hotel.

In early 2018 George was approached by Lionsgate, for his art to be used in their upcoming movies being filmed in Dominican Republic. “Trabajo Sucio” and “Que Leon” are the two movies where Mister George’s artwork is featured. These movies include celebrities like Ozuna, Pio La Ditingancia, and Clarissa Molina.

During Spring Break 2018 Mister George was approached by Stoli Vodka for a show in Casa de Campo. This show was a collaboration between Stoli and Marcel Katz “The Art Plug.” Mister George participated alongside Aholsnifsglue and Shawn Kolodny. After that Mister George painted his first mural in Wynwood, this came in collaboration with Modart Gallery.

The Street Artist was also approached by Breitling in October to be part of their Latin American Premiere. George painted the Breitling “Zorro” watch from the 50’s. Georges Kern, CEO of Breitling, was so impressed with the piece that he commissioned the opening of the Breitling stores in New York and Dubai to Mister George.

For 2018’s Art Basel Mister George painted his first car in collaboration with Skott Marsi at JanLife, a car dealership in Wynwood.

For New Year’s Eve Mister George and Skott Marsi collaborated on thirty backpacks with SprayGround.

Back in 2015 Mister George painted over a signed Dwight Howard game worn jersey framed, leading to being commissioned by Carlos Arroyo of the Miami Heat to paint over his game worn jersey when they beat the USA in the Finals.

In the beginning of January 2019 Mister George was contacted by Speedart Motorsports for his first solo show in Miami, whilst painting a live mural of “AstroGoof,” Romero Brito attended the show as he is friends with Mister George.

Later that month Mercedes Benz in Dominican Republic to hold his first solo

show, where he displayed his newest mug shots of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Martin Luther King and Al Capone. As well as painting an SLS AMG live, the theme of the event was “Hear No Violence, See no violence, Speak no violence.”

Mister George continued painting mugshots of Pablo Escobar, Frank Sinatra, David Bowie, and Kurt Cobain. He started painting on furniture, and created his third Wynwood mural called “The WalkingHeadz.”

Whilst this was going on George was approached by David Cone, New York Yankees pitcher, to participate in his Foundation celebrating his 20th anniversary of his Perfect Game. For the event George painted David Cone pitching

during that game, and the pendant that he collaborated with Taja Cone, Making it

his first diamond pendant he has worked on.

For Art Basel Miami 2019 Mister George participated in Red Dot Art Fair where he exhibited his collection “Cartoons in Time.”

Mister George has also been featured on several magazines, newspapers and online articles such as Forbes. You can visit his webpage


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