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Jonathan Rose Is Innovating the Precious Metals Market with the "Prepper Bar"

Updated: Jun 11

In the world of precious metals, Jonathan Rose stands out as a visionary and expert. As the co-founder and CEO of Genesis Gold Group, Rose has a remarkable track record that spans over two decades. With an internationally registered financial consultancy and a Series 3 commodity license, his insights and innovations have shaped the way investors approach precious metals. One of his most groundbreaking contributions is the "Prepper Bar," a unique product that redefines how silver can be utilized and traded.

The "Prepper Bar" is a minting innovation designed for versatility and convenience. Imagine a gold or silver bar that can be broken into smaller, manageable pieces, much like a Hershey's chocolate bar. This concept, developed by Jonathan Rose, provides consumers with the flexibility of owning both a large and small gram bar within a single piece. Made in the USA and IRA-eligible, the wallet-sized silver bar allows for easy tear-off rectangles, making it perfect for collecting or conducting emergency transactions.

While the term "Prepper" might evoke images of doomsday scenarios, the Prepper Bar is designed for a wide audience. From seasoned rare metal collectors to first-time buyers, this product offers a practical and innovative way to own and use precious metals. The bar’s portability means that individuals can carry a credit card-sized piece of gold or silver, providing them with portable wealth that is both secure and easily accessible.

The .999 AG Silver Prepper Bar is meticulously crafted, comprising four 7.776 gram bars, five 3.110 gram bars, and ten 1.555 gram bars, totaling 62.204 grams. It features the iconic "Sunshine Mint" logo, renowned globally for its superior minting standards and technology. The obverse side of each bar showcases an American eagle and a laurel wreath, with the words "IN GOD WE TRUST." The reverse side indicates "MADE IN THE USA," the gram weight, and the fineness of .999 AG, underscoring its authenticity and quality.

In an exclusive interview, Jonathan Rose shared his journey into the world of precious metals and the inspiration behind the Prepper Bar. Originally from London, England, Rose's interest in gold was sparked by his grandparents' gifts, which significantly increased in value over time. His career in finance and experience with multiple financial institutions led him to explore the potential of precious metals. After moving to America, he assisted large banks in setting up vaults for gold and educating people on the benefits of owning physical gold.

Rose emphasized the enduring value of gold, noting that "gold is never going to be worth zero." He advocates for diversifying investments with gold, highlighting its stability compared to the volatile values of bank accounts and stocks. For first-time buyers, Rose advises purchasing direct coins from reputable companies that work with the US Mint, ensuring the authenticity and purity of the gold.

The Prepper Bar is more than just a product; it’s a response to the evolving needs of precious metal investors. Rose explained that clients wanted a way to trade and move gold easily. Inspired by a similar product in Switzerland, the Prepper Bar was developed to offer portable wealth in a slim, convenient form. It’s not only a practical tool for barter and trade but also a unique gift and conversation piece.

The sleek and innovative Prepper Bars are available for purchase at They are priced based on fair market values and can be included in IRAs or held for physical ownership. Customers can easily register on the website, view unit and pricing options, and take advantage of promo codes at checkout.

With 25 years in the precious metals industry, Jonathan Rose has primarily focused on market analysis. However, the introduction of the Prepper Bar marks a shift in his approach, targeting a broader audience, including younger investors. By making precious metals more accessible and practical, Rose is not only innovating the market but also educating the next generation of investors on the enduring value of gold and silver.

Jonathan Rose and the Genesis Gold Group are at the forefront of precious metal innovation, and the Prepper Bar is a testament to their commitment to providing versatile and valuable products. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a first-time buyer, the Prepper Bar offers a unique and practical way to invest in and utilize precious metals.


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