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Jigsaw Surf Co. Where Therapy Meets Artistry in Every Puzzle Piece

Embark on a journey with Jigsaw Surf Co., a unique fusion of therapy, artistry, and the thrill of the surf. Founded by former college athletes seeking a new outlet post-graduation, this brand brings a fresh perspective to the world of jigsaw puzzles. The founders, hailing from the Asberry part of NY, discovered the transformative power of surfing, turning it into a meditative experience that sparked the idea for Jigsaw Surf Co.

About Jigsaw Surf Co.:

The founders, driven by a shared passion for surfing and a desire for a mentally stimulating yet therapeutic activity, stumbled upon the idea during a rainy day coffee session. Originating from Asberry, NY, with a love for surfing and a family background in puzzle manufacturing, they envisioned a unique decline design, shaping their puzzles like surfboards. Jigsaw Surf Co. was born, offering enthusiasts a chance to infuse "stoke" into their puzzling experience.

Q&A with the Founders:

We had the opportunity to sit down with the owners of Jigsaw Surf Co. and delve into their journey from college athletes to the innovative minds behind this surf-inspired puzzle brand.

Q: Can you share more about your journey from being a college athlete to being the founder of Jigsaw Surf Co.? How did the idea of combining surfing and jigsaw puzzles come about?

A: Originally from Asberry, NY, and both passionate about surfing, the idea struck during a puzzle-building session. The decline design, a new frontier in the puzzle world, took shape, blending our love for the ocean with the challenge of puzzling.

Q: You mentioned that surfing became a form of therapy for you. How has the experience of surfing influenced your life, and how did it lead to the idea of creating therapeutic jigsaw puzzles?

A: After college sports, we needed a new activity, and surfing in NJ became our outlet. We noticed people often discard completed puzzles, so we made ours trendy and artistic, encouraging users to turn them into wall art. The box itself is designed to be a coffee table piece, adding an artistic touch to homes.

Q: Your tagline mentions adding "stoke" to puzzling. Could you elaborate on what "stoke" means in the context of Jigsaw Surf Co., and how it enhances the experience of solving your puzzles?

A: "Stoke" is a surf term denoting excitement and joy. Our tagline, "Shape it, wax it, hang it," reflects the surf culture and emphasizes turning puzzle-solving into a thrilling experience, not just a pastime.

Q: What exciting plans or developments can we expect from Jigsaw Surf Co. in the future? Are there new ideas or projects on the horizon that you're excited to share with your audience?

A: Expect new designs, custom pieces, and innovative shapes. We're exploring winter options with snowboard and skiing designs, including a snow goggle-shaped puzzle, catering to enthusiasts in the mid-west and those seeking winter-themed puzzles.

Editor's Review by Robert White:

"As the editor-in-chief of Savoir Faire Magazine, I had the pleasure of experiencing Jigsaw Surf Co.'s unique puzzle offerings. The combination of surf-inspired designs, therapeutic engagement, and artistic presentation sets these puzzles apart. The decline design, exclusive to Jigsaw Surf Co., adds a touch of innovation to each piece. The commitment to making puzzles a lasting part of home decor is evident in the trendy designs and creative packaging. Jigsaw Surf Co. succeeds not just in providing a puzzle but in delivering an entire experience – turning each puzzle-solving moment into a celebration of surf culture and artistic expression. Whether you're a puzzle enthusiast or a lover of all things surf, Jigsaw Surf Co. brings a refreshing wave of creativity to your leisure time, making it a must-try for anyone seeking a unique blend of art and therapy. Shape it, wax it, hang it – Jigsaw Surf Co. delivers on its promise, and I highly recommend indulging in the stoke of their puzzles."


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