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How Emanula Boisbouvier discovered her passion for acting

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Born in San José, Costa Rica, Emanuela Boisbouvier has always exhibited several talents that she honed throughout the years. After turning three, she moved to Monaco with her Italian mother and Monégasque father. She’s fluent in English, French, Italian, and Spanish. The young Emanuela has been dancing since she was three, training in jazz, ballet, and contemporary. She also participated in competitive skiing for seven years with the Monaco ski team.

Yet there’s one passion of hers that Emanuela has yet to pursue, acting. That is until she moved to Los Angeles at 17 to attend the University of California, Los Angeles, to study Political Science. But UCLA did more than just give her the education she came for—it also exposed her to new experiences.

During her first year, Emanuela explored several classes with various topics, including linguistics, journalism, mathematics, and history. But when she took an acting class, she realized it was what she wanted to do. She studied Political Science and Theater because they resonated the most with her. Emanuela also believes that theater and politics are related because political theater can be a potent approach to aid struggling societies.

While at UCLA, Emanuela participated in two theater productions to help improve her skills. She also trained at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, the Groundlings School, and the Berg Studios with Yale School of Drama professor Gregory Berger.

She graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2018, demonstrating her passion for the courses she took. Soon after, Emanuela wasted no time establishing her acting career in the entertainment industry, beginning with creating a network.

Throughout her work, Emanuela tries to combine her political and psychological leanings and channel them into her art. One example is Margins, a short film she acted in and directed. Since the modern world has its fair share of social and political turmoil, the young actress wanted to translate these struggles into a medium that could reach a wider audience.

Margins revolves around an interracial queer couple navigating their relationship and visa statuses during the rise of the Black Lives Matter protest throughout Los Angeles. Its semi-autobiographical nature and timely topic paved the way for its entry into ten film festivals, including the Diverse in Palm Springs, LA Independent Women Film Awards, Out on Film Atlanta, and Seattle Film Festival. It’s one of the examples that shows Emanuela’s passion for acting and how in tune she is with her audience.

In another feature film, Jaunt, Emanuela dives deep into human emotions through self-exploration and acceptance. The film, directed by Alexi Papalexopoulos, with cinematography by Luka Bazeli, is about two people who meet and embark on a three-day road trip up the coast of California. During their journey, they discover more about themselves and each other. Eventually, they help one another move in healthier directions.

Emanuela’s career is on an uphill climb as she continues to exceed expectations and push herself beyond her limits to improve her craft. Most importantly, she uses her platform to represent individuals and experiences as they happen across the globe.

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