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Horseback Riding with Anya Benton

Updated: May 9, 2023

Anya Benton was always interested in a career in acting and modeling. From a young age, she loved being in front of the camera or just performing at home.

Anya primarily grew up in La Jolla, California. In high school, Anya began to work locally as a model and began participating in high school drama classes and theatrical productions. She also took classes at the John Casablanca Academy and the local junior theater school.

Because Anya always took education very seriously, after graduating Cum Laude from La Jolla High School in 2002, she went on to attend UCLA where she majored in Mass Communications and double minored in Russian Studies and Spanish Language. She was also an active volunteer through the Kiwanis Family and traveled to Barcelona, Spain to study abroad. Although she modeled and acted through college, she focused most of her efforts on her courses. As a result, she was able to graduate from UCLA in only three years in 2005 as a trilingual Cum Laude student.

After graduation, Anya began to pursue her acting and modeling career full time. She began taking acting classes again, doing student and independent films, working on various modeling projects, and doing commercial work. She diligently continues to improve her craft every day and to enrich her knowledge of the business. She is now working on various acting and modeling projects as well as taking acting courses.


Check out ISSUE FOUR of Savoir Faire Magazine to read Anya's interview with us.


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