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Hassan Dahik (Hgroove), from Ecuador to Legendary Music Venues in Los Angeles

“Amazing Life,”, “Freestyle Fiesta,” and “Que Pasa” are some of the singles of Hgroove Hassan. Hassan Dahik was a self-taught bassist for 6 years before he began his music education at Universidad de Las Americas.

Photographer: Cat White

In 2015 Hassan received a scholarship to attend LA College of Music where he received a degree in Songwriting. During that time, he continued to build his following in Los Angeles, all while independently writing, recording, and releasing music.

He studied bass performance for 3 years, during which he often performed live and gained a following because of his energetic showmanship and melodic songwriting.

HGroove, Hassan Dahik, came from Ecuador to Los Angeles to take his career to the next level. He was able to make it big. Press from around the world have interviewed the artist due to his success and faithful fans.

Before the Pandemic he used to perform in many very well-known venues in Los Angeles such as The Mint, and The State Social House.

Hassan Dahik performing at Telemundo

Hgroove is best known and praised for his live shows. He has gone on tour with iconic artist Leo Dan, he has performed at legendary venues such as Dolby theatre and Toyota Arena. Hassan is very active doing livestream shows on Twitch and Sessions, where he can engage with his fans.

His singles are available on all streaming platforms. Hassan. You can also find him doing livestreams show on Twitch and Sessions, where he has been pretty active and engage with his fans. Anyone who attends a Hassan (HGroove) performance will leave feeling energized and in high spirits!


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