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Good Condition Is A Vision of Sustainability in Skincare

Cherie Baughn, the visionary founder of the newly launched skincare brand Good Condition, is pioneering a shift towards sustainability and health in the beauty industry. With her innovative approach to skincare, Baughn is tackling common concerns like dryness, inflammation, and hyperpigmentation, all while upholding her commitment to environmental stewardship. Her products, all organic and packaged in naturally biodegradable containers, represent a significant step forward in the industry's move towards greener solutions.

Cherie Baughn's Journey to Good Condition

Cherie Baughn’s educational and professional journey is as diverse as it is impressive. With an undergraduate degree in English literature and a master's from Harvard in Instructional Design and Technology, Baughn originally worked in education and web design before making the leap into entrepreneurship with Good Condition. "I am looking forward to going into Good Condition full-time," Baughn shared. "I created the branding, the concepts, the products—all of it. It’s an investment to get it to where it is now and it needs to be focused on."

Her transition into skincare was driven by a desire to find a healthier, more environmentally friendly alternative to the skincare products available on the market. "With Good Condition, I started looking at skincare and the products that I used, and with plastic problems and other issues, it was important to find a product that was healthier to use," Baughn explained.

The Philosophy Behind Good Condition

Good Condition stands out not just for its product line but for its ethos. The brand’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its use of 100% recyclable packaging and its focus on all-natural, organic ingredients. "A bunch of solid products came forward in the last few years, and I liked the idea of it. But I wasn’t seeing anything that had the branding I was comfortable with and needed to be branded better. A premium product was needed," said Baughn.

Her approach involves creating solid products, and made without water, which makes them last three times longer than traditional skincare products in tubs. This innovation not only enhances the longevity of the products but also significantly reduces the ecological footprint associated with their production and disposal.

Looking to the Future

Baughn's vision for Good Condition is ambitious. In the next five years, she plans to expand the product line to include limited-release items and seasonal products like serums, with a portion of proceeds going to environmental causes such as reef conservation. "Start doing the limited release. Serums for spring—and donate a large portion to reef release," she detailed her plans.

Cherie Baughn's journey with Good Condition is a testament to what can be achieved when entrepreneurial spirit meets environmental consciousness. With Good Condition, Baughn is not just offering a skincare solution but is setting a new standard for the industry, prioritizing both efficacy and ecological responsibility. Her story is one of inspiration for anyone looking to make a difference through their business ventures, proving that with the right focus and dedication, it is possible to create products that are good for both people and the planet.


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