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Farm Fresh to Your Doorstep Is Exactly What WildKale Is Offering in New York

In the bustling metropolis of New York City, finding truly fresh and flavorful food can be a challenge. For Ana Jakimovska, founder of WildKale Online Farmers Market, this challenge became an opportunity. Originally from North Macedonia, Ana's journey from enjoying home-cooked meals made with local ingredients to establishing a thriving online farmers market is nothing short of inspiring.

Ana grew up in rural Macedonia, where her family emphasized the importance of fresh, local ingredients. Daily trips to the market with her grandmother, who cooked everything from scratch, ingrained in her a deep appreciation for wholesome food. This early exposure to high-quality, organic ingredients stayed with her, even as she moved to New York City.

Upon arriving in the city, Ana found herself missing the rich flavors of her childhood. The supermarket proteins just didn’t compare to what she was used to back home. Determined to provide her young family with the same quality she enjoyed growing up, she embarked on a quest across New York State. Ana visited hundreds of farms, tasting and testing products from farms of all sizes. Her journey led her to the fertile volcanic fields of Central New York, where small family farms raise their animals with care and respect.

In 2016, Ana founded WildKale Online Farmers Market, a platform that connects New Yorkers with these small, organic farms. WildKale offers grass-fed, grass-finished beef, pastured chicken, and pork raised on micro-family farms. The platform allows customers to order directly from these farms, ensuring the freshest products are delivered to their doorsteps within one business day.

“Coming from North Macedonia, I grew up on healthy, flavorful homemade food that my grandmother would cook from scratch daily with local ingredients from small farms,” Ana recalls. “Now, as a New Yorker and a mom of two children, I’ve strived to offer my children the same nutrition and rich flavors of my childhood. When I finally found the wholesome, organic ingredients it takes to replicate those flavors at a handful of small Central New York farms, I realized more New Yorkers needed better access to these quality products.”

WildKale has quickly gained popularity among locavores, families, and anyone seeking high-quality, nutritious food. The platform's success also provides Central New York farmers with a new revenue stream, allowing them to focus on raising healthy animals and producing top-notch proteins.

The secret to WildKale’s success lies in its simplicity and commitment to quality. Farmers package their products with dry ice and ship them directly to customers, eliminating middlemen. This direct connection ensures that the food is as fresh as possible and supports small family farms.

Looking ahead, Ana envisions expanding WildKale beyond New York State. While the focus remains on supporting local farmers, there’s potential to grow into neighboring states like Pennsylvania and New Jersey. “We market this as New York farmers for New York state, but I think someday it could expand,” Ana says. “It’s important to us that farmers in New York have an outlet to promote and sell their products besides farmer's markets. They don’t have all the technical skills to do the internet or websites, and it’s a great service that we offer them.”

For those interested in experiencing the difference of farm-fresh proteins, WildKale offers a convenient and delicious solution. Ana’s dedication to providing her family—and all New Yorkers—with the best possible food has turned a personal quest into a thriving business, one that brings the taste of the farm straight to the city.

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