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Employing Women Can Give Your Business an Edge

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The role of women in the workforce has changed dramatically over the last 50 years. Women’s positions in big companies and corporations used to be limited to support staff such as interns, assistants, and receptionists. Men had occupied most of the executive positions, handled management, and made the important decisions, and the glass ceiling remained the status quo for decades.

Changing Times

Over time, the business world has seen a major shift on those outdated ideas, and women have started to climb the corporate ladder. They have held roles in all levels of management, and many have landed leadership positions across many different industries. Time and research have begun to prove that companies with a gender-diverse leadership team are more successful overall than their male-dominated peers. Women don’t even have to represent a majority or equal number in their companies for them to make a positive impact on net gains.

Women have been working hard for decades to level the playing field. More women are seeking college degrees at a faster rate than men. They are using their knowledge and drive to start successful businesses and take advantage of broader market needs. Smart companies are utilizing women in leadership positions to add to their creative processes. Women can bring new perspectives in areas of innovation, marketing, and customer service, and the end results reflect that in profits and overall success.

Regardless of your gender, it can be a challenge to prove yourself fit for leadership positions in corporate America. Being open to innovative new ideas and sharing them with decision makers will showcase your talent. Doing research and using any available technology to make the business run better or reach more people and markets can be an asset to any company. These factors are not based on gender; they are just good business sense.

A Woman’s Touch

Women’s ability to multitask their personal and professional lives can also be a natural advantage in the business world. That is the reason so many women currently own and run their own businesses. Companies are starting to pull talent from all sides of the gender spectrum to very positive results.

Studies have also found that women are more likely to take into consideration the environmental, ethical, and social impacts of a growing business, according to Financial Times.

They have been shown to be more willing to consult with mentors and research institutions than their male counterparts, which can capitalize on experience to help a company thrive and grow.

Women are an incredibly influential component in the public marketplace. They are, after all, a majority of the population in economically thriving countries, as of 2019. Their opinions and ideas matter to the public and therefore must matter to all industry leaders.

Putting women in leadership positions can steer businesses in fresh and trending new directions. When customers are getting their voices heard and their needs met, companies will inevitably profit from them.

Take Your Business To A New Level

Employing women, no matter how few, across all management levels can give every business a competitive edge. Research continues to prove that companies with gender-diverse executives outperform those that do not. Businesses with at least one woman on their board show better organizational effectiveness and more productivity. Male-dominated thinking can only take businesses so far.

Working with women outside your business can also drive it toward success. For example, if you're planning on forming an LLC, then hiring a female registered agent to assist with the formation process can be just as beneficial as hiring a man for an LLC establishment. A registered agent is required for your LLC in order to be notified of time-sensitive events like a notice of annual reports and service of process for lawsuits.

You might also think about making sure you’re appealing to female hires and consumers via your company name and your branding. If your business has an inherently male-centric name but your business caters to everyone, you could consider setting up a DBA name, or doing-business-as. This allows you to keep your registered LLC title but conduct business under a name that better represents your commitment to serving all customers.

Companies that utilize all available talent, and consider insight from both men and women, ensure that all the best and most innovative ideas come to light. Men and women working together as a team will keep companies performing at their full potential, and that will reflect on the bottom line in every instance.

Author: Gabriel Patel


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