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Ella G. Burgos Is Working With Top Artists and Winning Award Band

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Peruvian music composer, producer and bass player moved to Los Angeles and is now working with artists such as Tamara Kumbula (Preach Records, RocNation), Saul Losada (Musician seen on Pre Grammy Awards, Pre-MTV Movie Awards), Molly Rose (Endorsed Artist by Paiste Cymbals, Vater Drumsticks) and playing in recognized venues around the US with nominated and award-winning band KingQueen (Hollywood in Media Awards, International Music Video Awards in Paris).

Ella started her music career in Lima, Peru, where she was born and raised. She discovered her love for music at the age of 12 after playing her first guitar - She said “I started playing the guitar fairly young. I was making songs, but I didn't know what any of that meant until later on. When I decided to take music as my career”. Ella was mentored by Gregory Sanchez, a prodigy piano player from the National Conservatory of Music in Lima and studied Music at UPC (University of Applied Sciences) with prestigious industry mentors such as Miguel Ginocchio, a keyboard player for Laguna Pai and Bareto (distinguished Peruvian bands). She was also taught music in different recording studios around Peru such as “In Music Lima” where she learned in depth more about music production and engineering. All of this was before Ella decided to take her music career to the next level and move to Los Angeles to expand her knowledge and grow as a musician.

After moving to LA, Ella rapidly started working within the music and film industry. She met artist Tamara Kumbula at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood and has been playing at recognized venues around Los Angeles with her since then. Some of the venues they’ve been playing together are “The Whiskey A-Go-Go”, “The Mint”, and “The Federal”. Ella has also been playing for nominated and award winning band KingQueen, where she plays the bass guitar. At first, Ella was working with them as a recording engineer and helping them with the production of drum recordings for their songs ``Roller Coaster” and “Live It Up”. After both songs were released, they got many nominations such as “Best Song Of The Year” at the 2021 Hollywood in Media Awards and quickly after that, the band was signed to Curtain Call Records. At the same time, Ella was recording and engineering bass and drums for their upcoming EP - being the first EP ever released by their new record label. Not long after, Ella became an official member of the band as a bass player and started to perform with them around Los Angeles. Some of the recognized venues they have performed together are “The Mint”, “Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood” as part of the LA Rock Collective, and the world-famous “The Troubadour”. The band has already tour dates for the next upcoming years.

Apart from performing, Ella has also been working on producing and engineering well-known drummer Molly Rose for her upcoming collaborations with artist Jo Tyler (Country-Rap Artist). She has also been part of the album recording “Energy” by musician and music composer Saul Losada.

“Most of the artists that I am working on and all the opportunities that I’ve had couldn’t have been possible if I wasn’t here in LA. I studied composition at the Musicians Institute and met some wonderful people that have opened and expanded my chances. Also just in general being a hard-working person, very professional, and on top of your game is something that people here in LA, such a competitive place, value the most. Apart from being a really good person and someone they want to work with, of course. I think one of the things that I have learned here is that you always have to be pushing, always aiming higher, and be prepared for anything. Because your dreams can come true anytime, if you just keep going.” Ella explained.

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