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Dr. Scott De Long Is On A Journey of Transform Leadership

In a world dominated by technological advances and ever-evolving corporate landscapes, Dr. Scott De Long stands as a beacon of transformative leadership. An entrepreneur, educator, author, and podcast host, Dr. De Long's multifaceted career offers invaluable insights into the essence of true leadership and the enduring power of human connection.

Dr. De Long's journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and a deep-seated passion for leadership. His educational path, unconventional yet inspiring, underscores the value of lifelong learning. Initially a baseball player at Brigham Young University, De Long's academic journey took a transformative turn later in life. Encouraged by his children, he pursued higher education at UC Berkeley and Chapman University, where he earned his master's degree in leadership development. Not stopping there, he went on to attain a doctorate in leadership studies while balancing the demands of running a business and raising his family.

Reflecting on his academic experiences, Dr. De Long emphasizes the unique perspective that comes with returning to school as an adult. "When I was younger, college was about sports and having fun. Returning to school later in life, I had a thirst for knowledge and a genuine desire to learn. Engaging with professors half my age and younger classmates was enlightening and invigorating," he shares.

Dr. De Long's entrepreneurial spirit emerged early. At just 16, he started a pool cleaning business, a venture that taught him the basics of business management and customer service. His entrepreneurial journey continued with the founding of a telecommunications company at 28, which grew into a national enterprise before being sold. His ventures didn't stop there; he later entered the healthcare industry, a business now successfully run by his daughter.

Through these diverse business experiences, Dr. De Long has witnessed firsthand the rapid evolution of industries and the increasing influence of technology. Despite the growing presence of artificial intelligence (AI) in the business world, he advocates for the irreplaceable value of human skills. "AI should be a tool, not a replacement for human workers. While AI can assist with many tasks, it cannot replicate the nuanced understanding and creative problem-solving abilities of humans," he asserts.

Dr. De Long's latest book, "I Thought I Was A Leader...A Journey to Building Trust, Leading Teams & Inspiring Change," delves into the intricacies of transformational leadership. The book addresses critical questions about organizational dysfunction, intergenerational challenges, and the persistent issues of low employee morale and high turnover.

In his book, Dr. De Long explores the principles of transformational leadership, a style that has been around for nearly half a century but remains underutilized in today's business world. He emphasizes the importance of humility, empathy, and vulnerability—qualities often overlooked in traditional command-and-control leadership models. "We learned how to treat people in kindergarten, yet we struggle to apply the Golden Rule in the workplace. Transformational leadership requires us to re-learn and unlearn behaviors that create barriers to a healthy work environment," he explains.

Dr. De Long's book is not just a guide for business leaders; it's a call to action for personal growth and self-reflection. "This book will challenge you. Without struggle, there is no growth. Embracing humility, empathy, and vulnerability is crucial to becoming a better leader and a better person," he writes.

Beyond his written work, Dr. De Long continues to share his insights and experiences through various media. He co-hosts The CEO Podcast, a biweekly show that tackles the most pressing issues facing today's business leaders. Additionally, his show Lead2Goals on YouTube offers further exploration of leadership topics and personal development strategies.

Dr. De Long's journey—from entrepreneur to academic, author, and podcaster—serves as an inspiring example of how continuous learning and a commitment to transformational leadership can lead to both personal and professional success. For more insights and content from Dr. Scott De Long, visit, follow him on Instagram @scottdelongphd, or catch his shows on YouTube.

In an era where technological advancements often overshadow the human element, Dr. De Long's emphasis on trust, empathy, and effective communication serves as a crucial reminder of the enduring power of true leadership.


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