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DJ Beachball Makes Music for Your Health

Updated: Feb 21

DJ Beachball is putting an empowering twist on live music events. A typical DJ dance party can be found in a dark night club within a busy city, however DJ Beachball is performing at events where you’ll find yourself dancing out in nature during a sunrise or sunset. He wants to empower wellness and an epic DJ’d dance party.

The night club feeling of fun and excitement are still present however the club lights are replaced with a beautiful sunset and an unforgettable view from the top of the mountain. DJ Beachball uses the power of music, dance, and community to empower people; with a large inspiration from the emergence of Dance Therapy. DJ Beachball uses both music and dance to create breakthroughs and therapeutic effects. He says “It’s not uncommon for people to attend a DJ Beachball event and cry tears of joy, or leave the event saying that it had changed their life. The format and design of the events are meant to be liberating and empowering: using the science of dance therapy.”

DJ Beachball’s live music wellness events were inspired from his profound experience of Meditation.