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Commemorating Cecilia Salguero’s Work on 100: Leica’s Tribute to photography commercial

Updated: Feb 21

Lately, Argentinean film producer Cecilia Salguero has been talked about for her brilliant work in the new hit HBO Max series “The Way Down”. But where was Cecilia before? In the past and for many years, Cecilia was producing commercials instead of film. She was one of the most important Latin American commercial producers.

Cecilia produced the iconic Leica’s “100” commercial.

Founded in 1869 by Ernst Leitz Wetzlar, Leica Camera AG has been manufacturing cameras, photographic lenses, binoculars, rifle scopes and microscopes for over a hundred and fifty years. If a picture is worth over a million words, how much is worth a video?

Leica celebrated the opening of their gallery in Sao Paulo Brazil with a commercial that recreates 100 years of iconic photographs from the last century. The award winning commercial was produced by Stink, one of the biggest production houses in the world with offices in seven different countries. Executive producer Cecilia Salguero managed to dramatically and beautifully depict some of the most memorable moments that cameras have captured throughout the century. With an experience in the advertising industry that surpasses 20 years, Cecilia has produced hundreds of commercials with several award winning directors and has worked with the biggest: Clients like Coca-Cola, Unilever, P&G, Nike, Visa, Ford, Citroen and many others.

It was her vision and passion for photography that led her to portray this empowering commercial, with iconic images that depict not only happiness, but also unimaginable suffering, curiosities, endless joy and history.

Born and raised in Argentina, Cecilia has worked as a commercial producer at prestigious internationally recognized companies like Salado Films, Argentinacine, Primo and Stink.

Salguero moved to Los Angeles a few years ago where she considered it was time to switch paths and jump into the film industry. She worked as a Line Producer at HBO’s “The Way Down”, the acclaimed new docuseries about Gwen Shamblin Lara and her cult accusations.

Her admirable work has caught the attention of the specialized media around the world.

More of her work in film is soon to be released. Another documentary series for TV and one feature documentary for Netflix.

Leica’s “100” was not only moving but genius. The music, the narration and the dramatic yet heart touching images made this video into a work of art.

“One of the works I’m most proud of is Leica’s “100”. Because I believe the final result was a beautiful film. The production was so massive and everyone was so necessary in the making of this project” Cecilia says.

Some of the people and agencies involved in the making of Leica’s “100” were F/Nazca Saatchi&Saatchi. The production company was Stink. Directed by Jones & Tino and edited by Dan Abraham.

Photographer: @breemccoolphoto