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Chantal Nchako: A Multifaceted Talent Making Waves in Hollywood and Beyond

Chantal Nchako is not your average Hollywood starlet. With a diverse background spanning continents and talents that extend far beyond the silver screen, she's a force to be reckoned with. From her breakout roles in award-winning films to her foray into the world of luxury vegan footwear, Chantal's journey is as captivating as it is inspiring.

Q: Congratulations on your upcoming role in "Diarra from Detroit" on BET+! What can you tell us about your character and what drew you to this role?

A: Thank you! "Diarra from Detroit" is a dark comedy that follows the story of a woman who's been ghosted on a Tinder date, leading her to encounter a colorful cast of characters. My character's name is Hot Sauce, and she's a dominatrix. What drew me to this role was the opportunity to dive into a character who's bold, unapologetic, and utterly unforgettable. The audition process was exhilarating, and I went all out to embody Hot Sauce, even purchasing the costume and fully committing to the role from day one of the auditions.

Q: "BEVERLY HILLS COP: AXEL F" sounds like an incredible opportunity. What has been the most rewarding aspect of your acting career so far?

A: "BEVERLY HILLS COP: AXEL F" has been a dream come true. Working alongside legends like Eddie Murphy is an experience I'll cherish forever. The most rewarding aspect of my acting career has been the opportunity to bring characters to life and tell stories that resonate with audiences. Landing a role in such an iconic franchise was both thrilling and humbling. The journey to securing the part was filled with twists and turns, including a nerve-wracking audition process that saw me flying from Sicily to Los Angeles for a callback. But in the end, it was all worth it when I received that life-changing call.

Q: Balancing your acting career with founding Choobiz, a luxury vegan shoe line, is impressive. How do you manage this dual passion, and do you see any connections between fashion and acting?

A: Choobiz is my passion project, born out of a love for fashion and a desire to merge my African heritage with my global experiences. Watching my mother's creativity as a fashion designer inspired me to create something of my own. During the pandemic, I tapped into my entrepreneurial spirit and launched Choobiz, a luxury vegan shoe line crafted in Italy. Managing both my acting career and Choobiz has its challenges, but I thrive on the creative energy they both bring. There's definitely a connection between fashion and acting—both are forms of self-expression and storytelling. Whether I'm on stage or walking the red carpet, fashion allows me to embody different characters and express myself in new and exciting ways.

As Chantal Nchako continues to captivate audiences with her on-screen performances and innovate in the world of fashion, one thing is clear: she's a talent on the rise. With her magnetic presence, unwavering determination, and commitment to authenticity, Chantal is poised to leave an indelible mark on Hollywood and beyond. Keep an eye out for this multi-talented powerhouse as she takes the entertainment industry by storm.


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