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Cassadee Pope Is Embracing Her Roots in "Hereditary"

Today, GRAMMY-nominated, Platinum-certified singer-songwriter Cassadee Pope announced the release of her highly anticipated album "Hereditary," set to drop on July 12. This marks the first full-length album for the former "The Voice" winner since her return to her pop-punk origins. The announcement comes with the release of her latest single and music video, "Three of Us," offering a powerful narrative on addiction and empathy.

"Hereditary" takes listeners on an emotional rollercoaster, exploring themes of life, love, and self-discovery. The album's title captures the essence of our roots, the echoes of our past, and our quest to carve our own paths. "My new album 'Hereditary' offers a soundtrack to navigate the complexities of life with authenticity and courage," Cassadee shares. "I couldn’t think of a better backdrop for these lyrics than pop/punk, and I hope this album gives people permission to feel everything!"

The lead single, "Three of Us," released just in time for Mental Health Month, delves into the heart-wrenching reality of addiction and its profound impact on relationships. The accompanying music video, set against a backdrop of hanging notes written by those affected by addiction, serves as a poignant call to action. "It’s a subject I’ve never written about but feel ready to share with my fans. Unfortunately, I know many of them have experienced something similar," says Cassadee.

As the voice behind the iconic 2000s pop-punk group Hey Monday, Cassadee's dynamic career has seen a successful crossover into country music. However, her return to pop punk with "Hereditary" signifies a full-circle moment, embracing her roots with a newfound sense of freedom. "I am dedicated to pop-punk, and that is the genre I really love and want to be with," she says. "When I was in country music, I couldn’t really sing all the sides of me. I grew up singing country and really felt like it wasn’t holding me the way I wanted, so I’m comfortable in the genre I love."

Tell me about your music career before "Hereditary." What was your aha moment?

"I grew up in West Palm Beach, Florida. My sister was taking voice lessons, and eventually, the coach wanted to work with me. From four years old until eleven, I took voice lessons. I used to see Mariah Carey and Martina McBride on TV and dream that could be me. At six, my voice coach got me a public gig at a fair. By thirteen, I played with a live band for the first time and never stopped. After years in and out of record deals, I'm excited to be back in the genre I love with a solid team behind me."

For those unfamiliar, describe your style of music and the message you aim to convey.

"I’m dedicated to pop-punk, the genre I love. In country music, I couldn’t express all facets of myself. Pop-punk allows me to tell stories through my lyrics, even if the words sometimes get lost in the music."

What does "Hereditary" mean to you?

"The album, out July 12, is a very reflective project for me. It came together unexpectedly. I wrote 'More to Me' with a friend, and that set off a series of songwriting sessions that culminated in 'Hereditary.' Each track is deeply personal, dealing with themes like love, betrayal, and family dynamics."

Can you share the story behind your new single, "Three of Us"?

"I wrote 'Three of Us' with Alley, Nick Long, Andrew Luse, and Roman Campolo. Some of us were dealing with loved ones struggling with addiction, making the writing session very therapeutic. The song is about the heartbreak of watching someone you love struggle with addiction. The music video features comments from people sharing their own stories, creating a powerful visual representation of the song's message."

Cassadee will be performing at various events, including...

Pop Punk Summer Camp in Flagstaff on July 14

When We Were Young in Las Vegas on October 19-20

Emo’s Not Dead Cruise in February 2025.

Fans can stay updated on her latest news through her social media channels.

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"Hereditary" promises to be a defining moment in Cassadee Pope's career, blending her pop-punk roots with profound, personal storytelling. As she reclaims her place in the pop-punk scene, Cassadee continues to inspire with her fearless authenticity and emotional depth.


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