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BlumSafe Is A Secure and Stylish Solution for Watch Collectors

In the world of horology, security and style rarely go hand in hand. However, Rob Blum, founder of BlumSafe, has revolutionized the way watch collectors protect and display their prized possessions. With the innovative BlumSafe Concealment Cabinet, collectors now have a secure, stylish, and technologically advanced solution that fits seamlessly into any home décor.

Rob Blum's journey to creating BlumSafe began from a personal need. A former lawyer and finance professional, Blum's passion for watches grew over the years, starting with his first Rolex and expanding into a diverse collection. However, a pivotal moment came when he realized that while his watches were hidden away safely, they weren't being showcased as they deserved. "I was looking through my collection, and I realized they needed to be on display but still needed to be safe. I needed something convenient for them, that was an easy in and easy out option," Blum recalls.

Unable to find a suitable solution on the market, Blum decided to create his own. Collaborating with his children, he embarked on a journey to design and manufacture safes that would meet his exacting standards. The result was BlumSafe, a company dedicated to providing high-quality, accessible, and secure storage solutions for watch collectors and other valuables.

The patent-pending BlumSafe Concealment Cabinet is a testament to this vision. It offers a unique blend of security and convenience, hidden within a beautifully crafted cabinet that can be operated via remote control, smartphone app, or voice command through devices like Alexa. At the push of a button, the BlumSafe quietly lifts up and out of the cabinet to reveal up to 12 watches on their winders, providing easy access to select the desired watch for the day.

While initially designed for watch collectors, the Concealment Cabinet is versatile enough to store jewelry, top-shelf liquor, or other collectibles. Manufactured in North Carolina by skilled commercial cabinet makers, this high-quality piece of furniture features a reliable and quiet lift mechanism similar to those used in television lifts.

The BlumSafe inside the 28”w x 24”d x 39.25”h cabinet can be customized to house up to 12 watches with the BOXY® Brick modular winder system, up to 8 jewelry drawers, or any combination of storage needs. Each safe includes a biometric fingerprint/keypad lock system and offers a choice between a steel door or a strong polycarbonate display door, providing both security and aesthetic appeal.

One of the standout features of the BlumSafe Concealment Cabinet is its adaptability. As a customer's collection grows or storage needs change, the modular configuration of the inside of the safe can be adjusted accordingly. Additionally, the cabinet offers extra storage with drawers or adjustable shelves behind a door, perfect for concealing the true purpose of this high-tech cabinet.

Available in various finishes, including walnut, oak, maple, and black stain, as well as custom finishes, the BlumSafe Concealment Cabinet can be tailored to match any room's décor. Whether placed in a bedroom, dressing room, living room, or home office, it provides a stylish and secure solution for displaying and protecting valuable collections.

BlumSafe's commitment to quality and innovation extends beyond the Concealment Cabinet. Since its inception in 2016, the company has expanded its product line to include wall-mounted safes and other unique concealment solutions. Each product is designed with the same attention to detail and commitment to security that has made BlumSafe a trusted name among watch collectors and jewelry enthusiasts.

Reflecting on the company's growth, Blum notes, "We built a website and did a direct-to-consumer model, and it really just started growing. Eventually, word of mouth took us forward, and seven years later, we are doing great."

For those concerned about home security, Blum offers some compelling statistics: "In 2014, 114 homes out of 1,000 were burglarized. Any safe can be stolen or broken into based on skill and time. 80% of the thefts in a home are by people you know, who you had invited in and given the knowledge to. You should always go with a multi-level safe when keeping your valuables safe."

BlumSafe’s practical and reasonably-priced storage options, including the innovative Concealment Cabinet, provide peace of mind for collectors. As Rob Blum puts it, “Your friends will be impressed. And you’ll delight in using it every day. There’s simply nothing else like it.”

To learn more about BlumSafe and explore their range of secure storage solutions, visit


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