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BluApple Is A Must Have In Your Fruit Bowl!

In 2009, Eric and Jessica Johnson set out to tackle the persistent issues of food spoilage and tight budgets. Frustrated by the regular sight of expensive produce going to waste before consumption, the father-daughter duo founded The Bluapple Company. Their creation, the Bluapple, has since become a game-changer in the realm of food preservation, offering an ingenious solution to extend the freshness of produce and empower consumers to make healthier choices on a budget.

As the cost of living rises and budgets tighten, individuals and families often find themselves compromising on the quality of their food due to financial constraints. Fresh and nutrient-rich produce, once considered a staple of a healthy diet, becomes a luxury that many cannot afford. Eric and Jessica recognized this dilemma and set out to create a product that would not only save money but also encourage better eating habits.

Armed with their past business experience and a passion for reducing food waste, the Johnsons introduced the Bluapple. This small, unassuming device has the power to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables by 2-3 times, effectively slowing down the natural ripening process. By doing so, Bluapple not only helps consumers save money by reducing the frequency of grocery trips but also minimizes the environmental impact of food waste.

The Bluapple operates on a simple yet effective principle. Ethylene gas, a natural plant hormone responsible for ripening, is a major contributor to the spoilage of fruits and vegetables in confined spaces like refrigerators. Bluapple contains an ethylene-absorbing packet that traps and neutralizes excess ethylene, creating a conducive environment for produce to stay fresher for a longer duration.

With a focus on empowering consumers to make healthier choices without breaking the bank, Bluapple has gained a loyal following. Countless testimonials attest to the effectiveness of the device in prolonging the freshness of various fruits and vegetables, from berries to leafy greens.

In addition to its economic benefits, Bluapple contributes to sustainability by reducing food waste. The Johnsons are proud to be part of a solution that aligns with a global movement towards more responsible consumption and environmental consciousness.

As consumers continue to seek innovative ways to save money and reduce their ecological footprint, The Bluapple Company's creation stands out as a beacon of ingenuity. Eric and Jessica Johnson's commitment to addressing the challenges of food spoilage and budget constraints has resulted in a product that not only extends the shelf life of produce but also encourages healthier eating habits. With Bluapple, the freshness of fruits and vegetables becomes a more accessible and affordable reality for individuals and families navigating the complexities of modern living.


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