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BionicBird Soars into the Future: A Conversation with Creator Edwin Van Ruymbeke

In the world of recreational flying, innovation takes flight with Bionic Bird, a trailblazing venture by Edwin. From the mesmerizing Avetron to the cutting-edge X-Fly, Bionic Bird has carved a niche in biomimetic flying creatures, redefining the boundaries of aerial entertainment. In an exclusive interview, Edwin shares insights into the journey of Bionic Bird, the evolution of the X-Fly, and the fascinating intersection of nature and technology.

What inspired the creation of Bionic Bird, and how did it evolve into producing biomimetic flying creatures like the X-Fly? Edwin takes us back to 2010, when the journey began with the Avetron – a drone with flapping wings, a revolutionary concept at the time. He emphasizes that Bionic Bird is a marketing name and not the company name. The evolution unfolded with MedFlight, introducing insect vision and a joystick. The X-Fly, with a larger wingspan and improved features, boasts a mobile app controller and a unique attachment for enhanced precision. Edwin mentions the collaboration with a branch of the French army that played a pivotal role in overcoming technical challenges.

How do you balance the recreational and educational aspects of the X-Fly, making it a compelling product for users? Edwin sheds light on the educational value of the X-Fly, offering users insights into bird flight. Real birds have even flown alongside the X-Fly, showcasing the authenticity of the biomimetic experience. Edwin hints at future possibilities like adding LEDs for nighttime flights, enhancing both entertainment and educational elements.

What considerations influenced the design of the X-Fly's control system, blending smartphone-based Bluetooth commands and an optional joystick? Edwin explains the simplicity of the control system, featuring a joystick attachment for smartphones. The attachment, a mechanical extension that works like a finger touching the screen, offers a seamless and intuitive control experience. This thoughtful design choice provides users with versatility and ease of use.

Looking ahead, how do you envision Bionic Bird contributing to the future of recreational flying? Edwin envisions the next phase involving a camera and wings that mimic a bird's movement more accurately. Addressing the limitations of speed, he emphasizes their commitment to enhancing flapping speed for increased thrust. The motion of the wings becomes a key focus for future innovations, promising an exciting evolution in biomimicry and technology.

As we conclude our conversation with Edwin, the creator of Bionic Bird, it's evident that the future of recreational flying is set to soar to new heights. With a perfect blend of innovation, education, and a touch of nature's inspiration, Bionic Bird's journey continues to captivate enthusiasts and redefine the possibilities of flight. Keep an eye on the horizon, as Edwin and his team prepare to unveil the next chapter in the biomimetic adventure of Bionic Bird.


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