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Amanda Proscia's 'PR Confidential' Unveils The Power of Earned Media and The Art of Influence"

In the realm of Public Relations, where perception is reality, Amanda Proscia stands as a maestro orchestrating narratives behind the scenes. Her latest creation, "PR Confidential: The Outsider's Guide to Learning about Public Relations," serves as a gateway for those unfamiliar with the intricacies of PR to delve into its fascinating world. In an exclusive interview with Savoir Faire Magazine, Amanda Proscia shares insights, motivations, and key takeaways from her book.

A famous quote by an Apple executive captures the essence of PR: "Advertising is saying you're good. PR is getting someone else to say you're good." This encapsulates the power of third-party endorsement, where the general public tends to trust external sources more than the direct originator of the message.

In the age of information overload, Amanda emphasizes the importance of third-party validation. When consumers explore products or services, they not only peruse official websites but also rely on articles, reviews, and news stories. This intricate dance between brands and the media is where PR plays a pivotal role.

"The News is being influenced by Public Relations and Media Experts. Because of those relationships, we can develop news, articles, and narratives," states Amanda. This connection between PR and the media has the potential to shape perceptions, create news angles, and generate compelling stories.

A 2019 study conducted by the Institute for Public Relations proved that earned media is more credible than information from other sources, including advertising. In the study, participants of various age groups were asked to assess the credibility of those sources when thinking about a consumer purchase. It revealed that the greatest percentage of participants found the earned media story the most credible among the sources provided.

A common sentiment Amanda encountered spurred her to pen down "PR Confidential." Many business owners confessed, "I own a business, but I do not know what PR is, why do I care?" This disconnect between the importance of PR and its understanding fueled Amanda's motivation to demystify the subject for a broader audience.

Amanda Proscia's journey into the world of PR began with a desire to be creative and to write. Starting in Washington DC, she transitioned to corporate levels in New York, eventually becoming the puppeteer behind the scenes, controlling the narrative and pulling the strings.

The subtitle of Amanda's book, "The Outsider's Guide to Learning about Public Relations," reveals its mission: making PR accessible to those without a background in the field. The book's focus on earned media, encompassing ideas, new branding, platforms, characteristics, internal communication about employees and stakeholders, provides a comprehensive view of PR's multifaceted nature.

For those venturing into the realm of PR, Amanda emphasizes the significance of social media. Acting as an idea person, she recognizes the transformative power of social platforms in shaping perceptions and driving communication.

Amanda shares key insights and tips for individuals approaching PR from an outsider's perspective. She highlights the centrality of earned media in PR, urging readers to understand the dynamics of media relations, branding, and stakeholder communication. Emphasizing the role of the idea person, Amanda underscores the importance of creativity and innovation in the PR landscape.

In "PR Confidential," Amanda Proscia demystifies the art of Public Relations, making it accessible and understandable for individuals from all walks of life. The book serves not only as a guide but as an invitation to explore the influential world of PR, where ideas, communication, and the power of third-party endorsement converge to shape perceptions and narratives.


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