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Alican Akman Reveals What it Takes to Make it in Hollywood

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

In a world where everyone strives to live from acting, traveling and vlogging, only a few are actually able to make a living out of the arts in Hollywood. According to the statistics, the city of angels gets around 50 million visitors every year, an incredibly high number. A big part of these visitors are aspiring actors, influencers, and singers. But how many actually make it in this tough city?

Alican Akman has been living in Los Angeles for six years, and he is the perfect example of a successful Hollywood actor and content creator. But achieving his current status was not an easy job! Just like almost every successful personality in the field of arts, Alican had to work and study for hours and even years to get to where he is today. Born in Izmir, Turkey, he was drawn to the arts from a very young age, performing in several plays written by Shakespeare, Çehov, and Molier, just to name a few. He was only 19 years old when he landed his first big play “Leyla ile Mecnun” directed by prestigious Turkish film director, screenwriter, producer and actor Onur Ünlü. That was only the beginning of Alican’s outstanding journey.

That was the turning point, where his efforts and sleepless nights of studying finally started blooming, since, soon after release, “Leyla ile Mecnun”, became the first series in Turkey to break into the top 50’s of IMDB’s top 250 best series.

Alican arrived in the United States of America with a solid resume. By the time he decided to move to Hollywood, he had already scored roles in big award winning movies such as Sen Aydinlatirsin Geceyi and Itirazim Var directed by Onur Ünlü and several television series.

But working as a full time actor and content creator did not mean Alican was done. Although he was already successful, he continued to perfect his art on sets by studying and learning from the best: “Eric Morris” and “Ivana Chubbuck”, both A-list acting coaches, the latter famous for her book “The power of the actor”. Because of his continuous tenacity and hard work, Alican is now preparing to star in a yet non disclosed Turkish-American romantic comedy that will air on Netflix.

“If I had to give any advice to young aspiring actors it would be to never give up. Acting can be hard, living in Hollywood can be hard. If you wanna make a difference you gotta push through, it is the ones who keep going the ones who make it” says Alican with kindness.


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