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AI Is Everywhere, So we Asked Jennifer Morehead If AI Was Going To Take Over The Role Of HR!

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

As AI continues to revolutionize workplaces worldwide, the topic of its role in HR management has become increasingly vital. This is the perfect time to delve into this fascinating subject and gain insights from an industry expert like Jennifer Morehead.

Photo credit of Sophie Baron

Can you tell us a bit about your background? Where did you grow up? Go to college? Where are you located now?

Jennifer Morehead: I grew up in Nebraska and later attended Northwestern University's business school in Chicago. Currently, I am located in Chicago.

What led you to acquire Flex HR and enter the HR consultancy field?

Jennifer Morehead: My background is in sales and marketing, and I previously sold my own company in 2020. Acquiring Flex HR felt like a natural progression for me. I saw the rise of HR consultants and recognized the value they bring to businesses. Flex HR offered a partnership opportunity with its original founder, and I was drawn to the company's nationwide presence and emphasis on employee-centric practices.

Can you explain the concept of the CEO from Home?

Jennifer Morehead: The CEO from Home model is highly relevant in today's business and work-from-home environment. It allows individuals to set up and run businesses remotely, even with a sizable workforce. With the advancements in technology, entrepreneurs can effectively manage their companies from the comfort of their homes. This model offers flexibility and the potential for both personal and professional growth.

How do you feel about AI in general? Do you believe it is here to stay?

Jennifer Morehead: I am a strong advocate for AI. Just like how publishing companies initially underestimated the internet, it is clear that technology, including AI, is not going anywhere. It is crucial to embrace AI and leverage its potential to enhance productivity and efficiency across various industries.

How do you think AI will affect the HR process? Do you think it will eliminate HR roles in companies someday?

Jennifer Morehead: AI has the potential to significantly impact the HR process in positive ways. It can make employees and employers more productive, streamline tasks, and provide valuable insights. However, it is important to note that AI should not replace human involvement entirely. There will always be a need for the human touch in areas such as recruitment, onboarding, managing absences, and maintaining a personal connection with employees.

Photo credit of Sophie Baron

What are your thoughts on the impact of AI on the world? Are we releasing AI technology too fast?

Jennifer Morehead: The impact of AI on the world is immense, and its growth has been rapid. While AI brings tremendous opportunities, we must be mindful of how we implement and release the technology. It is essential to strike a balance between innovation and ensuring the ethical and responsible use of AI. It is encouraging to see discussions around pausing growth and reflecting on the potential consequences. We need to prioritize learning and progressing responsibly.

How do you view the potential threat of AI to the HR industry?

Jennifer Morehead: AI certainly has the potential to transform the HR industry. However, certain aspects of HR, such as building relationships, understanding individual needs, and providing empathy, require a human touch. While AI can automate certain tasks and improve efficiency, it cannot fully replace the value that human HR professionals bring. Onboarding, offboarding, and handling sensitive situations will always necessitate the expertise and emotional intelligence of human HR professionals.


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