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  • The Revolution in Skincare Is Madeca's Microbiome Ampoule

    In the world of skincare, Madeca is a name synonymous with innovation and excellence. While many skincare brands predominantly cater to the female market, Madeca stands out with its medical-grade products designed for both men and women. Originating from a rich history in medicinal research, Madeca’s focus is on creating skincare solutions that are not only effective but also grounded in scientific rigor. Madeca's journey began with Madecassol, a groundbreaking product derived from the plant Centella Asiatica. Known for its remarkable healing properties, this plant has been used for centuries, with even wild animals instinctively utilizing it for its medicinal benefits. Often referred to as the "Neosporin of Korea," Madecassol became a staple in every medical cabinet across the nation, heralding a new era of skin healing and care. Building on the success of Madecassol, Madeca expanded its product line, integrating natural healing ingredients from around the globe. This commitment to botanical, vegan, and all-natural components forms the backbone of their skincare philosophy: powered by science and activated by nature. At the forefront of Madeca ’s product innovations is the Microbiome Ampoule. Understanding the parallels between gut health and skin health, Madeca developed this revolutionary product to reset and rejuvenate the skin’s microbiome. The microbiome, a community of microorganisms living on our skin, plays a crucial role in maintaining skin health. The Microbiome Ampoule works by connecting with your skin's existing microbiome to tighten, moisturize, and soften, offering targeted benefits such as elasticity, anti-aging, calming sensitive skin, brightening, and deep hydration. Packaged in clinical vials, the Microbiome Ampoule is a living product, teeming with 71 billion CFU of microbiome (Epidermidibacterium keratini). This formula, enriched with hyaluronic acid, is clinically proven to stimulate the skin’s structural components—collagen, fibrillin, elastin, hyaluronic acid, and ceramide—fortifying the skin's first line of defense against environmental aggressors. The innovative splicing technology used in the Microbiome Ampoule ensures that beneficial microbes are optimally mixed with hyaluronic acid. This synergistic duo enhances skin elasticity and delivers a generous dose of moisture, creating an ideal environment for healthy skin microbes to thrive. The result is skin that not only looks youthful but is also robustly protected against the challenges of modern life. One of the standout features of the Microbiome Ampoule is its universal appeal. Designed to cater to both men and women, this product transcends traditional gender boundaries in skincare. With its unique formulation and clinical packaging, it offers a medical spa experience at home, with no downtime or injections required. Imagine a routine that delivers visible results in just 30 days, with each vial lasting a week—truly a game-changer in the skincare industry. The accolades for the Microbiome Ampoule are impressive, having won the CosmoProf High Science Award. Danny Seo featured the brand. But Madeca's ambitions do not stop there. In the next three to five years, the company aims to continue pushing the boundaries of skincare science, with a steadfast commitment to natural ingredients and cutting-edge biotechnology. Madeca’s vision for the future is clear: to create products that offer a holistic approach to skincare, balancing the marvels of nature with the precision of science. For anyone seeking a transformative skincare experience, the Microbiome Ampoule is not just a product; it’s a testament to what the future of skincare can be. Madeca's Microbiome Ampoule is more than just a skincare product—it's a revolution. By fostering a healthy skin microbiome, it paves the way for skin that is not only beautiful but resilient and healthy. As we look ahead, Madeca’s dedication to natural, scientifically-backed skincare solutions promises a future where everyone can achieve their best skin, naturally. Discover the power of microbiome skincare with Madeca, and let your skin radiate with health and vitality.

  • Dr. Scott De Long Is On A Journey of Transform Leadership

    In a world dominated by technological advances and ever-evolving corporate landscapes, Dr. Scott De Long stands as a beacon of transformative leadership. An entrepreneur, educator, author, and podcast host, Dr. De Long's multifaceted career offers invaluable insights into the essence of true leadership and the enduring power of human connection. Dr. De Long's journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and a deep-seated passion for leadership. His educational path, unconventional yet inspiring, underscores the value of lifelong learning. Initially a baseball player at Brigham Young University, De Long's academic journey took a transformative turn later in life. Encouraged by his children, he pursued higher education at UC Berkeley and Chapman University, where he earned his master's degree in leadership development. Not stopping there, he went on to attain a doctorate in leadership studies while balancing the demands of running a business and raising his family. Reflecting on his academic experiences, Dr. De Long emphasizes the unique perspective that comes with returning to school as an adult. "When I was younger, college was about sports and having fun. Returning to school later in life, I had a thirst for knowledge and a genuine desire to learn. Engaging with professors half my age and younger classmates was enlightening and invigorating," he shares. Dr. De Long's entrepreneurial spirit emerged early. At just 16, he started a pool cleaning business, a venture that taught him the basics of business management and customer service. His entrepreneurial journey continued with the founding of a telecommunications company at 28, which grew into a national enterprise before being sold. His ventures didn't stop there; he later entered the healthcare industry, a business now successfully run by his daughter. Through these diverse business experiences, Dr. De Long has witnessed firsthand the rapid evolution of industries and the increasing influence of technology. Despite the growing presence of artificial intelligence (AI) in the business world, he advocates for the irreplaceable value of human skills. "AI should be a tool, not a replacement for human workers. While AI can assist with many tasks, it cannot replicate the nuanced understanding and creative problem-solving abilities of humans," he asserts. Dr. De Long's latest book, " I Thought I Was A Leader...A Journey to Building Trust, Leading Teams & Inspiring Change, " delves into the intricacies of transformational leadership. The book addresses critical questions about organizational dysfunction, intergenerational challenges, and the persistent issues of low employee morale and high turnover. In his book, Dr. De Long explores the principles of transformational leadership, a style that has been around for nearly half a century but remains underutilized in today's business world. He emphasizes the importance of humility, empathy, and vulnerability—qualities often overlooked in traditional command-and-control leadership models. "We learned how to treat people in kindergarten, yet we struggle to apply the Golden Rule in the workplace. Transformational leadership requires us to re-learn and unlearn behaviors that create barriers to a healthy work environment," he explains. Dr. De Long's book is not just a guide for business leaders; it's a call to action for personal growth and self-reflection. "This book will challenge you. Without struggle, there is no growth. Embracing humility, empathy, and vulnerability is crucial to becoming a better leader and a better person," he writes. Beyond his written work, Dr. De Long continues to share his insights and experiences through various media. He co-hosts The CEO Podcast, a biweekly show that tackles the most pressing issues facing today's business leaders. Additionally, his show Lead2Goals on YouTube offers further exploration of leadership topics and personal development strategies. Dr. De Long's journey—from entrepreneur to academic, author, and podcaster—serves as an inspiring example of how continuous learning and a commitment to transformational leadership can lead to both personal and professional success. For more insights and content from Dr. Scott De Long, visit, follow him on Instagram @scottdelongphd, or catch his shows on YouTube. In an era where technological advancements often overshadow the human element, Dr. De Long's emphasis on trust, empathy, and effective communication serves as a crucial reminder of the enduring power of true leadership.

  • Navigating the AI Revolution in Social Media With Insights from Rachel Strella

    As the digital landscape evolves, businesses increasingly rely on artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline their content creation and social media management. However, while AI offers numerous advantages, it also presents several challenges. Rachel Strella, Founder and CEO of Strella Social Media , has identified five common content creation mistakes businesses make with AI and offers practical solutions to avoid them. AI can generate content quickly and efficiently, but it lacks the creative spark that comes from human ingenuity. Businesses often make the mistake of depending solely on AI to produce original ideas, leading to generic and uninspiring content. To avoid this, Rachel advises using AI as a tool to enhance human creativity rather than replace it. By combining the strengths of AI with the unique insights of human content creators, businesses can produce more engaging and original content. AI works best when given detailed and specific prompts. Vague instructions result in generic content that fails to resonate with audiences. Rachel emphasizes the importance of providing clear and comprehensive guidelines to the AI, ensuring the output aligns with the brand's voice and message. This detailed approach helps in crafting content that is both relevant and engaging. Ethical considerations are paramount when using AI in content creation. Over-reliance on AI without considering ethical implications can lead to issues such as biased content or the spread of misinformation. Rachel advises businesses to implement robust ethical guidelines and continuously monitor AI-generated content to ensure it adheres to these standards. AI-generated content often requires refinement to meet quality standards. Businesses sometimes take AI responses at face value, resulting in subpar content. Rachel stresses the importance of editing and refining AI-generated content to ensure it aligns with brand standards and effectively communicates the intended message. AI learns and improves through feedback. However, businesses often neglect to provide constructive feedback on AI-generated content, limiting its potential for improvement. Rachel recommends regularly reviewing and assessing AI output, offering detailed feedback to enhance its performance over time. Rachel Strella's journey into the world of social media began in 2010 when she started helping clients set up LinkedIn and Facebook profiles. Over the years, her role evolved from simply building profiles to managing entire social media accounts, focusing on client goals and developing comprehensive strategies. Rachel's approach goes beyond just posting content. She delves into understanding the unique value proposition of each brand and crafting strategies that highlight their distinctiveness. By conducting a thorough analysis of client goals and audience needs, Strella Social Media ensures that every piece of content stands out. According to Rachel, Instagram remains a hot channel for many businesses, though it might not be suitable for B2B enterprises. Different platforms require different approaches, and Rachel's team, including a TikTok expert, leverages the unique features and algorithms of each channel to maximize reach and engagement. Rachel believes that high-quality videos and engaging posts are crucial for attracting and retaining audience attention. She advises focusing on short, dynamic content, such as Instagram Reels and TikTok videos, while ensuring each piece speaks directly to the customer's needs and desires. AI is a powerful tool in the social media landscape, but it must be used judiciously. Rachel warns against over-reliance on AI, advocating for its use as an enhancement rather than a replacement for human creativity. AI can streamline processes and provide valuable insights, but human oversight is essential to maintain authenticity and quality. Rachel Strella's insights into the common mistakes businesses make with AI in content creation offer valuable guidance for navigating this complex landscape. By combining the strengths of AI with human creativity and maintaining a strong ethical framework, businesses can leverage AI to enhance their content strategies without compromising on quality and authenticity. For those looking to dive deeper into Rachel's strategies and explore additional topics such as social media, entrepreneurship, and marketing, Strella Social Media offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help businesses thrive in the digital age.

  • Cassadee Pope Is Embracing Her Roots in "Hereditary"

    Today, GRAMMY-nominated, Platinum-certified singer-songwriter Cassadee Pope announced the release of her highly anticipated album "Hereditary," set to drop on July 12. This marks the first full-length album for the former "The Voice" winner since her return to her pop-punk origins. The announcement comes with the release of her latest single and music video, "Three of Us," offering a powerful narrative on addiction and empathy. "Hereditary" takes listeners on an emotional rollercoaster, exploring themes of life, love, and self-discovery. The album's title captures the essence of our roots, the echoes of our past, and our quest to carve our own paths. "My new album 'Hereditary' offers a soundtrack to navigate the complexities of life with authenticity and courage," Cassadee shares. "I couldn’t think of a better backdrop for these lyrics than pop/punk, and I hope this album gives people permission to feel everything!" The lead single, "Three of Us," released just in time for Mental Health Month, delves into the heart-wrenching reality of addiction and its profound impact on relationships. The accompanying music video, set against a backdrop of hanging notes written by those affected by addiction, serves as a poignant call to action. "It’s a subject I’ve never written about but feel ready to share with my fans. Unfortunately, I know many of them have experienced something similar," says Cassadee. As the voice behind the iconic 2000s pop-punk group Hey Monday, Cassadee's dynamic career has seen a successful crossover into country music. However, her return to pop punk with "Hereditary" signifies a full-circle moment, embracing her roots with a newfound sense of freedom. "I am dedicated to pop-punk, and that is the genre I really love and want to be with," she says. "When I was in country music, I couldn’t really sing all the sides of me. I grew up singing country and really felt like it wasn’t holding me the way I wanted, so I’m comfortable in the genre I love." Tell me about your music career before "Hereditary." What was your aha moment? "I grew up in West Palm Beach, Florida. My sister was taking voice lessons, and eventually, the coach wanted to work with me. From four years old until eleven, I took voice lessons. I used to see Mariah Carey and Martina McBride on TV and dream that could be me. At six, my voice coach got me a public gig at a fair. By thirteen, I played with a live band for the first time and never stopped. After years in and out of record deals, I'm excited to be back in the genre I love with a solid team behind me." For those unfamiliar, describe your style of music and the message you aim to convey. "I’m dedicated to pop-punk, the genre I love. In country music, I couldn’t express all facets of myself. Pop-punk allows me to tell stories through my lyrics, even if the words sometimes get lost in the music." What does "Hereditary" mean to you? "The album, out July 12, is a very reflective project for me. It came together unexpectedly. I wrote 'More to Me' with a friend, and that set off a series of songwriting sessions that culminated in 'Hereditary.' Each track is deeply personal, dealing with themes like love, betrayal, and family dynamics." Can you share the story behind your new single, "Three of Us"? "I wrote 'Three of Us' with Alley, Nick Long, Andrew Luse, and Roman Campolo. Some of us were dealing with loved ones struggling with addiction, making the writing session very therapeutic. The song is about the heartbreak of watching someone you love struggle with addiction. The music video features comments from people sharing their own stories, creating a powerful visual representation of the song's message." Cassadee will be performing at various events, including... Pop Punk Summer Camp in Flagstaff on July 14 When We Were Young in Las Vegas on October 19-20 Emo’s Not Dead Cruise in February 2025. Fans can stay updated on her latest news through her social media channels. Follow Cassadee Pope: Instagram : @cassadeepope Facebook : Cassadee Pope Twitter : @cassadeepope TikTok : @cassadeepope "Hereditary" promises to be a defining moment in Cassadee Pope 's career, blending her pop-punk roots with profound, personal storytelling. As she reclaims her place in the pop-punk scene, Cassadee continues to inspire with her fearless authenticity and emotional depth. Pre-Save Link

  • Cindy Blackman Santana Is The Rhythmic Force Behind Jazz and Rock

    Cindy Blackman Santana 's journey into the world of drumming started in her childhood, marked by an innate rhythm and a passion for percussion. "According to my mom and sister, I was always tapping on things and making sounds," Cindy recalls. At the age of seven, her fascination with drums grew as she began receiving toy drum kits. The turning point came when her older sister took her to a rehearsal, where Cindy encountered a real drum set for the first time. "I snuck behind the drums and started hitting them, and it blew my mind." Her first student model drum kit arrived at age 12, but it wasn't long before she outgrew it. By 13, she had saved enough money from babysitting to purchase a professional drum set. This dedication was further fueled by her grandmother’s advice to play effects naturally rather than relying on pedals. This foundation of hard work and ingenuity set the stage for Cindy's future success. After high school, Cindy attended the Berklee School of Music, where she found a community that nurtured her growth. "Boston was a college town, and the energy of learning and growth really helped me," she reflects. Cindy's illustrious career includes collaborations with jazz legends like Jackie McLean and Don Pullen. "Jazz is the most advanced way of playing with almost any instrument," she explains. Her ability to improvise and adapt has made her a standout in the jazz community. Cindy's versatility extends beyond jazz, as she has recorded and toured with a diverse array of artists, including Pharoah Sanders, Cassandra Wilson, and Lenny Kravitz. Cindy's personal life is as harmonious as her musical career. She met her husband, legendary guitarist Carlos Santana , while on tour with Lenny Kravitz in Germany. Their connection was immediate, fueled by shared interests in music and spirituality. "We really had a great interest in a lot of similar things, from music to spirituality," Cindy says. They married seven months after reconnecting, and will celebrate their 14th anniversary this December. 2024 promises to be a landmark year for Cindy Blackman Santana. Her upcoming solo album will push the boundaries of sound, showcasing her dynamic range and innovative spirit. In addition to her solo work, Cindy will tour with both the Cindy Blackman Santana Band and Santana. The Cindy Blackman Santana Band, featuring Aurélien Budynek (guitar), Felix Pastorious (bass), Emilio Modeste (saxophone), Zaccai Curtis (piano), and JD Allen (saxophone for select NYC shows), will embark on an East Coast tour this summer. Fans can look forward to intimate and soulful performances, blending jazz, rock, and fusion with Cindy's signature drumming. Cindy Blackman Santana Band 2024 Tour Dates: July 4: Jimmy’s Jazz and Blues Club - Portsmouth, NH July 5-7: Keystone Korner Baltimore - Baltimore, MD July 9-13: Birdland - New York, NY For tickets and more information, visit Cindy Blackman Santana. Additionally, Cindy will join the Santana and Counting Crows Oneness Tour 2024, performing across the U.S. this summer. Fans can experience the iconic Santana collective at House of Blues Las Vegas as part of their residency, An Intimate Evening with Santana: Greatest Hits Live. Cindy's rhythmic prowess was recently highlighted in ESPN’s new Monday Night Football anthem. Collaborating with Chris Stapleton and Snoop Dogg, they reimagined Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight," bringing a fresh and powerful take to the classic hit. Cindy Blackman Santana's journey from a young girl tapping on toy drums to a world-renowned drummer and bandleader is a testament to her talent, dedication, and passion. As she continues to push musical boundaries and connect with audiences worldwide, Cindy remains a driving force in the realms of jazz and rock. In a recent interview, Cindy shared insights into her musical journey and personal life. Reflecting on her early days, she said, "From a young age, I was always tapping on things and making sounds. When I turned seven, I really started getting into drums and was getting toy drum kits. I loved the role of the drums in the band and the way it made me move. My first real exposure to a drum set was at a rehearsal with my older sister, and it blew my mind. By age 12, I had my first student model kit, and by 13, I had saved enough money to buy a professional drum set." When asked about the highlights of her career, Cindy noted, "Playing with Jackie McLean and Don Pullen are definite highlights. Jazz is the most advanced way of playing with almost any instrument, and I love the improvisation it allows. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with a wide range of artists, from Pharoah Sanders to Lenny Kravitz." Cindy also recounted the story of meeting her husband, Carlos Santana. "We met while I was on the road with Lenny Kravitz in Germany. Carlos and I connected over our shared interests in music and spirituality. We were married seven months later and will celebrate 14 years this December." Looking ahead to 2024, Cindy is excited about her upcoming projects. "We are working on a new album and touring with the Santana and Counting Crows Oneness Tour. Starting in July, we’ll be headed to the East Coast with my own band, bringing some strings, dual sax players, and much more to these shows." Cindy Blackman Santana continues to inspire and captivate audiences with her powerful drumming and innovative musical vision. Her upcoming tours and solo album promise to be highlights of the year for music lovers everywhere.

  • Coalatree Is Eco-Minded Goods for the Modern Adventurer

    In a world where sustainability and adventure often seem at odds, Coalatree stands as a beacon of hope, merging eco-conscious practices with stylish, functional gear. As a brand that began on a self-sustaining organic farm in Colorado, Coalatree embodies the spirit of adventure and the principles of sustainability. Whether you're an athlete, photographer, city dweller, or weekend warrior, Coalatree's mission is to blend elements of the outdoors with city life, making their products perfect for every occasion. Coalatree ’s story is one of evolution and dedication. Starting as an organic farm, the brand's roots are deeply intertwined with the philosophy of "reap what you sow." This mentality is evident in their commitment to creating sustainable, high-quality products. Since launching its first line of clothing in 2010, Coalatree has expanded into the outdoor industry, all while maintaining its dedication to eco-friendly production. Their journey reflects a seamless blend of organic farming principles with innovative outdoor gear design. Coalatree's ethos, captured in the phrase "Greet the Outdoors," represents a lifestyle of adventure, freedom, and ease. The brand encourages an active, adventurous lifestyle, whether you're catching the sunrise on a ridge, seamlessly transitioning to the office, or enjoying a night out with friends before an early morning hike. Their products are designed to support this dynamic lifestyle, ensuring you're always ready for your next adventure. Coalatree’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond their products. They actively give back to both local and global communities. Each year, the brand uses surplus fabric to create warm blankets for the homeless in Salt Lake City, Utah. They also partner with local organizations to maintain hiking and biking trails and protect vital watersheds. These initiatives demonstrate Coalatree's dedication to community and environmental stewardship. One of Coalatree’s standout products is the Evolution Hoodie, a masterpiece of sustainable innovation. Made from recycled coffee grounds and plastic bottles, this hoodie exemplifies the brand’s commitment to unmatched sustainability. Weighing just 13 ounces, the Evolution Hoodie is light yet packed with features, making it perfect for travel and everyday wear. From a practical standpoint, the hoodie boasts over 20 features, including a water-resistant DWR coating and secure zippered pockets for valuables. As someone who is constantly on the move, I appreciate the hoodie’s functionality. The secure pockets give me peace of mind, knowing my passport and other valuables are safe from pick-pocketers, no matter where my travels take me. But it’s not just about functionality. The Evolution Hoodie is incredibly soft and comfortable, making it a staple in my wardrobe. Whether I’m exploring a new city, hitting the trails, or lounging at home, this hoodie keeps me comfortable and stylish. "The Evolution Hoodie by Coalatree has quickly become a favorite in my collection. As someone who values both style and sustainability, this hoodie perfectly aligns with my lifestyle. The fact that it's made from recycled materials is impressive, but it's the comfort and practicality that truly stand out. From the secure pockets to the water-repellent finish, every detail has been thoughtfully designed. It’s more than just a hoodie; it’s a testament to what sustainable fashion can achieve," ~ Robert White, Coalatree is not just a brand; it's a movement towards a more sustainable, adventurous lifestyle. By merging eco-friendly practices with practical, stylish gear, they empower individuals to explore the world with confidence and ease. Whether you’re an avid adventurer or a city dweller with a love for the outdoors, Coalatree has something to offer. Embrace the journey and greet the outdoors with Coalatree .

  • Veronika Yanko Is The Epitome of Luxury and Fashion

    In the ever-evolving world of luxury and fashion, few names resonate with as much elegance and distinction as Veronika Yanko . A native of Moscow, Russia, and now a resident of Los Angeles, California, Veronika has carved a niche for herself as a fashion model and brand ambassador, seamlessly bridging cultures and industries with her unique charm and sophisticated style. Photography Credit: Van Vo Photography Veronika Yanko 's journey from Moscow to Los Angeles is nothing short of inspiring. Born and raised in the vibrant cultural heart of Russia, Veronika developed a deep appreciation for art, fashion, and elegance from a young age. Her move to Los Angeles marked the beginning of a new chapter, one that would see her rise to prominence in the world of high fashion. As a brand ambassador for ARTHA, a renowned wellness sanctuary, Veronika embodies the brand's ethos of holistic luxury and wellness. ARTHA's commitment to providing a sanctuary for mind, body, and spirit is perfectly complemented by Veronika's serene presence and dedication to personal well-being. Her role involves representing ARTHA's values and promoting a lifestyle of balance and harmony, which resonates deeply with her followers. In addition to her work with ARTHA, Veronika also represents El Cristiano Tequila, a brand synonymous with sophistication and premium quality. Her association with El Cristiano Tequila highlights her versatility and ability to effortlessly transition between the worlds of wellness and high-end spirits. As a brand ambassador, she brings a touch of glamour and refinement to every event, ensuring that the brand's message of luxury and excellence is conveyed with authenticity. Veronika's career in modeling has been nothing short of meteoric. Working with OTTO MODELS, she has graced numerous runways and photo shoots, capturing the essence of high fashion with her striking looks and undeniable presence. Her ability to adapt to various styles and aesthetics has made her a sought-after model in the industry, earning her accolades and admiration from designers and photographers alike. Living in Los Angeles, Veronika Yanko brings a touch of her Russian heritage to the American fashion scene. Her unique background allows her to blend Eastern European elegance with the boldness of Californian style, creating a distinctive fashion statement that is entirely her own. This cultural fusion not only sets her apart but also enriches the diverse tapestry of the fashion industry. Veronika Yanko's influence extends beyond fashion and luxury brands. Her dedication to promoting a balanced lifestyle and her commitment to excellence serve as an inspiration to many. She exemplifies the modern woman who is not only stylish but also mindful of her well-being and the impact she has on the world around her. Photography Credit: Van Vo Photography Veronika Yanko 's story is one of transformation, elegance, and cultural fusion. From her roots in Moscow to her thriving career in Los Angeles, she has become a beacon of luxury and sophistication in the fashion world. As a brand ambassador for ARTHA and El Cristiano Tequila, and a prominent model at OTTO MODELS, Veronika continues to captivate and inspire, leaving an indelible mark on the industry and those who follow her journey. Photography Credit: Van Vo Photography

  • Bizzarrini 5300 GT Corsa Revival Edition Named ‘Best Continuation Car’ by Robb Report

    The prestigious Robb Report has named the Bizzarrini 5300 GT Corsa Revival as the Best Continuation Car in its esteemed 2024 Annual Best of the Best Awards. Celebrating 36 years, the Best of the Best awards have become a hallmark of luxury, recognizing exceptional achievements across 16 categories including fashion, cars, yachts, art, design, food, wine, and philanthropy. The Bizzarrini 5300 GT Corsa Revival captured the judges’ admiration for its meticulous attention to detail and masterful craftsmanship, echoing the spirit of the original Bizzarrini that triumphed in its class at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1965. This award underscores Bizzarrini's dedication to blending historical reverence with modern engineering precision. Simon Busby, Chief Marketing Officer of Bizzarrini, expressed his gratitude, stating, “There’s a huge amount of competition in this class, so it’s a real honor to receive the award from Robb Report for Best Continuation Car. This recognition is a testament to our commitment to preserving automotive heritage whilst integrating modern precision. Our team has worked tirelessly to ensure every detail reflects the timeless elegance and blistering performance of the original, and we are thrilled that our dedication has been acknowledged in this way.” The timing of this accolade coincides with the culmination of the Corsa Revival build program, which saw the completion of 24 meticulously crafted cars. Each vehicle in this series boasts a lightweight single-piece composite body over a steel frame, ensuring both authenticity and performance. The interior features two seats protected by a comprehensive six-point roll cage and a safety fuel cell, adhering to FIA Appendix K regulations. The front-mid engine layout, coupled with independent rear suspension and period-specific disc brakes, supports a formidable 5,300 cc V8 engine that produces over 400 horsepower, rivaling the power-to-weight ratio of contemporary supercars. The Corsa Revival program initiated 24 months ago, signifies Bizzarrini’s ongoing commitment to automotive excellence. As this project concludes, the focus shifts to the development of the all-new Giotto hypercar, designed by the legendary Giorgetto Giugiaro and his son Fabrizio at GFG Style in Turin, Italy. This new venture rekindles a collaboration first established 60 years ago when a young Giorgetto, working at Bertone, contributed to the design of the original Bizzarrini 5300 GT. About Bizzarrini Founded in 1964 by the renowned engineer Giotto Bizzarrini, the Bizzarrini marque has long been a symbol of Italian motorsport excellence. Reborn in 2020 under new ownership, Bizzarrini continues to unite exceptional design, craftsmanship, and engineering for a new generation of collectors and enthusiasts. For more information, visit

  • Good Condition Is A Vision of Sustainability in Skincare

    Cherie Baughn, the visionary founder of the newly launched skincare brand Good Condition, is pioneering a shift towards sustainability and health in the beauty industry. With her innovative approach to skincare, Baughn is tackling common concerns like dryness, inflammation, and hyperpigmentation, all while upholding her commitment to environmental stewardship. Her products, all organic and packaged in naturally biodegradable containers, represent a significant step forward in the industry's move towards greener solutions. Cherie Baughn's Journey to Good Condition Cherie Baughn’s educational and professional journey is as diverse as it is impressive. With an undergraduate degree in English literature and a master's from Harvard in Instructional Design and Technology, Baughn originally worked in education and web design before making the leap into entrepreneurship with Good Condition. "I am looking forward to going into Good Condition full-time," Baughn shared. "I created the branding, the concepts, the products—all of it. It’s an investment to get it to where it is now and it needs to be focused on." Her transition into skincare was driven by a desire to find a healthier, more environmentally friendly alternative to the skincare products available on the market. "With Good Condition, I started looking at skincare and the products that I used, and with plastic problems and other issues, it was important to find a product that was healthier to use," Baughn explained. The Philosophy Behind Good Condition Good Condition stands out not just for its product line but for its ethos. The brand’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its use of 100% recyclable packaging and its focus on all-natural, organic ingredients. "A bunch of solid products came forward in the last few years, and I liked the idea of it. But I wasn’t seeing anything that had the branding I was comfortable with and needed to be branded better. A premium product was needed," said Baughn. Her approach involves creating solid products, and made without water, which makes them last three times longer than traditional skincare products in tubs. This innovation not only enhances the longevity of the products but also significantly reduces the ecological footprint associated with their production and disposal. Looking to the Future Baughn's vision for Good Condition is ambitious. In the next five years, she plans to expand the product line to include limited-release items and seasonal products like serums, with a portion of proceeds going to environmental causes such as reef conservation. "Start doing the limited release. Serums for spring—and donate a large portion to reef release," she detailed her plans. Cherie Baughn's journey with Good Condition is a testament to what can be achieved when entrepreneurial spirit meets environmental consciousness. With Good Condition, Baughn is not just offering a skincare solution but is setting a new standard for the industry, prioritizing both efficacy and ecological responsibility. Her story is one of inspiration for anyone looking to make a difference through their business ventures, proving that with the right focus and dedication, it is possible to create products that are good for both people and the planet.

  • Dr. Thelá Thatch Is Pioneering Change in the World of Human Resources

    Dr. Thelá Thatch's journey through the corporate landscape of human resources is as transformative as it is inspiring. With over two decades of dedicated service, Dr. Thatch has not only shaped the HR policies of Fortune 500 companies but has also redefined the role of diversity and inclusion within the industry. Known affectionately as "MRS. HR," Dr. Thatch's influence extends across continents and industries, impacting both corporate structures and community lives. Raised in a high-risk neighborhood in New Jersey, Dr. Thatch's path was redirected by a school counselor who introduced her to affirmative action, leading her to pursue higher education—a journey that wasn't initially in her plans. Her career began at FOX TV as a production assistant, where she worked alongside notable personalities like Don Lemon and Ed Berns. This experience in media laid the groundwork for her narrative skills, which she would later apply in corporate settings. Transitioning from media to human resources, Dr. Thatch honed her expertise at various companies including Cablevision and a cinema company, before landing her dream job at Live Nation. It was here that her role as an HR specialist in diversity truly took shape, earning her the title of the Human Resource Agency for Diversity. In 2015, Dr. Thatch launched "Mrs. HR in a box," a platform designed to answer the hard questions that employers and employees face in the workplace. This initiative stemmed from her desire to implement HR practices that are effective across various corporate cultures. "Mrs. HR" quickly became more than just a blog; it evolved into a full-service consultancy that addressed everything from executive coaching to diversity recruitment. Dr. Thatch's book, The Diversity Dilemma, is a candid exploration of her experiences in the HR field, particularly as a black woman who often felt tokenized in roles designed to showcase company diversity rather than to utilize her full expertise. The book discusses the emotional and professional challenges of addressing equity in the workplace and offers insights into creating more inclusive environments that genuinely respect and utilize diverse talent. Beyond her corporate achievements, Dr. Thatch is the founder of Time2Dream, a non-profit organization that focuses on providing educational resources and economic empowerment opportunities. Time2Dream is a testament to her commitment to connecting diverse communities with corporations that value and seek diverse applicants. Dr. Thelá Thatch continues to travel the world, from Africa to El Salvador, sharing her knowledge and expertise as a DEI speaker, trainer, and coach. Her work, deeply rooted in her own experiences and enhanced by her strategic vision, has not only transformed HR departments but has also inspired countless individuals to pursue equity and excellence in their professional lives. Dr. Thatch's story is not just one of overcoming but of thriving and enabling others to do the same through thoughtful, impactful human resource practices.

  • Ricardo Jiménez Journey From Plush Toys to Global Investments

    Ricardo Jiménez, a dynamic figure in the realm of entrepreneurship and investment, has a story that reads like an adventure novel. Born into a family of professionals in Spain, with his mother a lawyer and his father a doctor, Jiménez initially followed a conventional path, unaware of the entrepreneurial spark within him. It wasn't until his undergraduate studies at Duke that he discovered his true calling. His journey from plush toy startups to influential angel investors offers a compelling tale of ambition, resilience, and personal growth. Despite a background steeped in traditional careers, Jiménez's venture into entrepreneurship was driven by a desire for freedom and the opportunity to explore new avenues. His early career was marked by diverse experiences, from working at Starbucks to tech giants, across multiple countries including England, Spain, and America. This global exposure laid the groundwork for his innovative approach to business. It was during a stint at Dell, followed by an unexpected layoff, that Jiménez took his first significant entrepreneurial leap with a plush toy company designed to educate children about different countries through play. Jiménez’s first business endeavor was not just a company, but a crash course in the harsh realities of entrepreneurship. His initial concept, while creative, lacked a clear understanding of the market, leading to the company's eventual failure. This experience became a pivotal learning moment, inspiring him to pen the Crash Course Book. In it, he doesn't just share strategies for scaling and investor relations; he delves deep into the importance of execution, market understanding, and the willingness to learn from failures. Ricardo Jiménez's book, Crash Course!, serves as an invaluable resource for budding entrepreneurs. Unlike typical business manuals that focus on the mechanics of scaling and securing investors, Jiménez's book is deeply personal and grounded in his own experiences. Drawing from his initial foray into the business world with a plush toy company—a venture that taught him hard lessons about market needs and execution—Jiménez shares candid insights into the challenges he faced and the missteps he took. Crash Course! is crafted to guide entrepreneurs not only through the how-tos of business operations but also through the often-overlooked aspect of learning from failure. With this book, Jiménez aims to accompany and inspire entrepreneurs, helping them navigate the tumultuous journey of turning ideas into sustainable businesses. After his early setbacks, Jiménez didn't retreat but instead expanded his horizons. His investments began with a significant risk in Bitcoin, which, despite initial losses, eventually paid off, reaffirming his belief in following his instincts. Since then, he has made over thirty direct investments in various sectors, from tech to natural resources, spanning across continents. His writing, paralleling his investment journey, serves not just to guide but to empathize with fellow entrepreneurs. Jiménez writes from a place of experience and reflection, intending to be a companion to founders navigating the challenging waters of business creation. Looking ahead, Jiménez remains optimistic, a trait he acknowledges as a double-edged sword. His future plans involve continuing to invest in promising ventures and sharing his knowledge to assist other entrepreneurs. His approach is not just about financial gain but fostering success across the global entrepreneurial community. Beyond business, Jiménez is deeply committed to social causes, particularly through his support of Yo Elijo, a not-for-profit aiding children and families in Colombia. This initiative reflects his broader vision of entrepreneurship as a tool for social change, demonstrating his belief that business success and societal impact can go hand in hand. Ricardo Jiménez represents the archetype of a modern entrepreneur: resilient, insightful, and inherently global. His journey from a plush toy business to a seasoned investor offers a blueprint for aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere, highlighting the importance of persistence, learning from failure, and the relentless pursuit of one's passions.

  • Beauty Over Talent and Its Controversial Path in the Entertainment Industry

    WARNING: THIS ARTICLE HAS AN ADULT THEME AND MENTIONS ADULT CONTENT, YOU MUST BE 18+ TO READ IT. Miami Beach, Florida - In the cutthroat entertainment world, many aspiring artists face the challenge of finding the financial resources and talent that are necessary to fund their careers. Some work hard, release great music, go on tour, and build their recognition through genuine efforts. However, in a world where sexuality is increasingly used for gain, particularly with platforms like OnlyFans, some women are using their looks to fund careers they are not truly skilled. Lauren Cruz, a wannabe artist based in Miami Beach, Florida has taken a controversial route to support her dreams, leveraging her physical appearance rather than her talent to finance her music career and lifestyle choices. What do we mean by this? If you connect with Lauren on Snapchat, Instagram, MeetMe, or any of her other social media platforms, you are likely to be solicited for money in exchange for nude content. However, as we discovered during our investigation, Lauren Cruz often fails to deliver on these promises. Despite taking monetary donations, she does not provide the images she claims to sell and ghosted the senders. Lauren quickly gained notoriety, not only for her valueless music but also for her unconventional methods of funding it. Known for her presence on various streaming platforms such as MeetMe, Snapchat, and Instagram, she frequently promotes her music. However, it's not her musical talent that has generated most of her attention. Instead, Cruz has resorted to selling adult content and engaging in questionable practices to sustain her ambitions, thereby tarnishing the music... Image Sourced: MeetMe Profile for Lauren Cruz industry and any chance she might have to truly be successful. We delved into Lauren’s activities on Meetme, a popular streaming/dating application that has strict rules about nudity and adult content to uncover the extent of her scheme. Our research revealed that Cruz leverages this platform to connect with a wide audience, many of whom are drawn to her under the pretense of supporting her music career. Once hooked, these followers often find themselves, connecting with Cruz on Instagram, Snapchat, and other social platforms and are enticed into purchasing adult content, believing they are aiding a struggling artist. These transactions often leave supporters feeling deceived, as the promised content is never delivered. This deceptive strategy has allowed her to maintain a music career, a laughluster lifestyle filled with scams, partying, and creating music under faults pretenses. Lauren Cruz’s story sheds light on a broader issue within the entertainment industry, where looks can sometimes overshadow genuine talent. Her approach has sparked controversy about the ethics and long-term sustainability of such practices. Critics argue that relying on physical appearance rather than artistic ability not only undermines the integrity of the entertainment industry but also sets a dangerous precedent for other aspiring artists. As readers, it is crucial to be cautious of individuals like Lauren Cruz. The entertainment industry is already rife with dubious practices, and there is no room for further exploitation and deceit. By supporting such people and behavior, we inadvertently contribute to a culture that values superficiality over genuine talent and integrity. If cancel culture wants to do good in the world, then this is the kind of behavior that needs to be dealt with. We encourage you to take a stand against this kind of behavior. Do not support people like Lauren Cruz financially, Do not fall for the scams and misleading messages, Refrain from downloading her music and use your voice to publicly denounce such actions. By doing so, we can collectively promote a more authentic and ethical entertainment industry, ensuring that true talent and hard work are the cornerstones of success and not using one’s sexuality to gain a mediocre career in an industry that is not welcoming to this kind of behavior. Lauren Cruz’s journey is a cautionary tale for both aspiring artists and their supporters. It serves as a reminder of the importance of authenticity and the potential consequences of prioritizing short-term gains over long-term credibility. We never want to see anyone in a position where their actions today, may affect them long-term and completely derail any type of legitimate success. As the entertainment industry continues to evolve, the stories of individuals like Cruz will undoubtedly shape the discourse on what it truly means to succeed in the world of music and beyond. Let’s ensure that success is built on genuine talent and ethical practices, not exploitation and deceit of fans in the promise of a more personalized relationship. Our Investigation A recent news article highlighted the alarming trend of influencers and aspiring artists using platforms like OnlyFans to fund their music careers, by selling nude content. Upon further investigation, we found this practice rampant in the music industry amongst independent artists. The adage, "Everyone thinks they are a singer until they try and find out they are not," rings true, especially considering the financial burden of launching an independent music career. It seems some are turning to adult content or the promise of it, to gather funds to support their endeavors. This led us to MeetMe, A streaming platform where we discovered Lauren Cruz, an avid streamer who boasts about her "successful" music career to an audience of mostly men. Lauren is a daily streamer on the app, mostly only showing a forehead or wall, but when she is on camera, she is often dressed provocatively to attract viewers. Her beauty draws in many, but her true scheme unfolds on platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. While streaming she will promote connecting with her on Snapchat and other social platforms. It's on Snapchat where we followed her instructions and sent a message simply saying "Hi" and she instantly made a startling offer: for $50, she promised a video call where she would perform explicit acts on herself and we could watch. Bingo! The very topic we were investigating had fallen right into our lap. We were excited to video chat with Lauren, tell her who we were, and find out why she was doing this type of behavior, So, despite our suspicions, we sent the money using Venmo, knowing we'd likely never see it again. Predictably, she ghosted us and her MeetMe status changed to "Going to the liquor store" almost immediately after we sent the funds. Almost 24 hours later, When we requested a refund, she bluntly refused. After about a week of being ignored and her refusing to refund us, We then revealed our true identity as a journalist researching this topic and told Miss Cruz, we were going to write an article about this topic and include the experience we had with her, Her response? "Any publicity is good publicity." and "You might look like a gullible fool paying for nudes and being played out of them." So we kept our word and wrote this article, not vaguely about the topics but directly about Miss Cruz, so our readers and those social media platforms hosting Lauren Cruz would be notified. We urge you, our readers, to be vigilant against such scams. Do not support individuals like Lauren Cruz. Avoid downloading their music and speak out against such deceptive practices. Together, we can foster an entertainment industry where true talent and hard work prevail over-exploitation and deceit. Let's champion an industry built on authenticity and integrity, not on the exploitation of fans under negative pretenses. To ensure you’re supporting genuine talent, be mindful of who you follow and support. Success in the entertainment industry should be about talent, hard work, and ethical practices. Not how much money you can make by scamming men to pay for your alcohol and your music "career". Lauren Cruz's social media links Instagram / TikTok / MeetMe (Search Lauren Cruz) / X / SnapChat (Pinkcredit)

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