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Zoé Mahfouz Talks With Us About The Stage to Screen to TikTok Stardom

Zoé Mahfouz, an award-winning actress, screenwriter, and content creator, is making waves across multiple platforms with her unique blend of comedy and creativity. Based in France, Zoé's talent and charisma have garnered her a significant following on TikTok, where she posts comedy skits, POVs, and parodies. Recently, one of her videos, a spoof called "Bridgerton Be Like," became a meme, catapulting her into the spotlight of internet fame.

Zoé's journey into content creation began with her passion for acting and comedy. "Acting is a huge part of my life," she says, reflecting on her first stage performance in 2016-2017 when she started with standup comedy. Her training in improv and her ability to write her own comedy skits and screenplays set the foundation for her success. Her recent screenplay, "I Follow You," about an influencer stalked on TikTok live, is starting to gain recognition in the community.

Transitioning to social media, Zoé initially started on YouTube, where her first video—a parody roasting the French singer Johnny Hallyday—sparked a strong reaction, leading to her being banned from certain places. Despite the backlash, Zoé’s resilient spirit and love for physical comedy kept her going. Her writing style, inspired by icons like Lucille Ball, focuses on over-the-top physical comedy. "When you are pretty and doing comedy, you have to make people forget you're pretty," her mom advised, a piece of wisdom Zoé has taken to heart.

Zoé hopes her channel brings joy and laughter to her audience. "Social media and comedy are very similar in the idea that you need to grab your audience right away and find a way to stand out and be unique," she explains. Her content, filled with physical comedy and clever skits, aims to entertain and uplift viewers.

Currently, Zoé is in the midst of a significant transition in her acting career. She is moving from France to England, where she plans to continue writing, performing comedy, and screenwriting. Alongside her professional endeavors, she will also be studying, further honing her craft and expanding her horizons.

When asked about her reaction to her posts becoming memes, Zoé likens it to "creating a word and becoming part of the dictionary." She acknowledges the unpredictable nature of viral content, often finding that the silliest videos gain the most traction. Her "Bridgerton Be Like" video, for instance, went viral after her mom recorded her in theater gowns, laughing hysterically. This unexpected success turned into a meme, solidifying her presence in the landscape of social media.

Zoé shared another amusing incident that went viral. It was a comedy skit a TikTok creator called @Callmeham created about a fake parking drama involving a Karen pretending she was about to call her boyfriend named "Kyle Smith." This whimsical video also became a meme, showcasing the spontaneous and unpredictable nature of internet fame.

As Zoé Mahfouz continues to create and share her unique content, her influence and reach grow. Her journey from the stage to the screen to TikTok stardom is a testament to her talent, resilience, and ability to connect with audiences worldwide. With her upcoming move to England and continued dedication to her craft, there’s no doubt that Zoé’s star will continue to rise, bringing laughter and joy to all who follow her.


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